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Business loan for individual needs up to 2 080 000 EUR

Are you looking for a reliable partner for financing your ambitious plans?
Come to Tatra banka and we will customize the BusinessLoanTB Variant for you.

Tailor-made financing

Tailor-made financing

Individual interest rate

Individual interest rate

Maximum possible limit up to 1 860 000 EUR

Maximum possible limit up to 2 080 000 EUR

Possibility of real estate security

Possibility of real estate security

Advantages of a business loan

  • Available to existing and new clients
  • It takes into account even the most demanding financing requirements
  • The ability to combine different types of security depending on the client's requirements
  • The interest rate is determined individually
  • Comprehensive advice from specialized corporate bankers in branches

You can use the BusinessLoanTB Variant according to your business needs, for example to finance:

  • operational and investment needs,
  • purchase of real estate or business premises,
  • construction, maintenance or reconstruction of real estate,
  • purchase of machines, equipment and technologies,
  • purchase of supplies.

Tip for you

You can also use the loan to refinance loans from other banks or to secure a bank guarantee.


  • The maximum loan amount is up to 2 080 000? EUR
  • Form of loan: overdraft loan for 12 months or installment loan for a period of 1 to 13 years
  • The loan is suitable for entrepreneurs with a business history of at least 21 months
  • We provide one-time or gradual drawdown of the loan
  • Possibility to set the maturity date and frequency of loan repayment

Loan security:

  • movable or immovable property
  • receivables from customers
  • bank guarantee
  • client's funds in a term account at Tatra banka
  • investment in mutual funds of the management company Tatra Asset Management
  • guarantee by another legal entity
  • a combination of the above security

Who can apply for a loan:

  • limited liability company, joint stock company, public trading company, limited partnership registered in the commercial register of the Slovak Republic
  • persons who do business on the basis of a trade license and are registered in the trade register of the Slovak Republic
  • persons who do business on the basis of other than trade authorization according to special regulations and are not registered either in the commercial register of the Slovak Republic or in the trade register of the Slovak Republic
  • association of natural persons

Where to get a business loan

You can apply for the BusinessLoanTB Variant at any of our branches.


Arrange a personal meeting at the branch of your choice.

List of branches

Tatra banka branches

Required documents

  • Identification document of a natural person
  • Documents proving business activity (e.g. extract from the relevant register)
  • Financial statements together with the tax return for the 2 previous completed accounting periods, if they are not published in the register of financial statements
  • Confirmation of the filing of the tax return, if the financial statements are not published in the register of financial statements
  • Completed questionnaire (for single or double accounting) - contains the information needed to apply for a business loan
  • Or other documents that are submitted depending on the specific request of the applicant (e.g. purchase contract)
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