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SEPA instant payment

Pay online and payment to selected banks in Slovakia and also abroad will be credited within a few seconds.

SEPA instant payment is simple


SEPA instant payment in seconds


Secure SEPA instant payment


Instant payments

Instant payments represent a quick transfer of funds between accounts held in different banks. Payment can only be made in EUR, in which case the funds are credited to the beneficiary's account within a few seconds of being sent from the payer's bank. This applies at any time, including weekends and holidays.

List of registered banks for SEPA instant payments.

You can enter an instant payment through the following distribution channels: Internet bankingTB, Tatra banka mobile application, Business bankingTB, Open bankingTB.

How SEPA instant payment works

Benefits of instant payment

  • Speed - one of the biggest advantages of instant payments is the speed of their processing. The funds are credited to the beneficiary's account within a few seconds, regardless of whether the beneficiary's bank is located in Slovakia or abroad.
  • Simplicity - entering a SEPA instant payment is as easy as entering SEPA payments. It is sufficient to enter the same information as for entering a standard SEPA payment.
  • Convenience - instant payments have the potential to gradually replace some card or cash transactions. You can use them for payments in brick-and-mortar stores, for online purchases - and the goods or services you pay for will be made available immediately. Other examples of the use of instant payments include services for which the provider requires payment immediately.

Payment order and limits

How to enter instant payment in individual distribution channels:

Internet bankingTB

Visit the bank through your computer. You can enter all types of payments via Internet bankingTB, including SEPA instant payments - all you have to do is select "Instant" in the "Payment priority" field.

Tatra banka mobile application

Enter your payment order wherever you are. Through the Tatra banka application, you can enter SEPA payments, including SEPA instant payments. If the payment cannot be processed immediately, we will automatically send it as a SEPA payment in the standard way.

Business bankingTB

You can enter all types of payments via Business bankingTB, including SEPA instant payments. You can choose the priority of the payment yourself.

Open bankingTB

It is possible to enter an instant payment or obtain information about instant payments on the account via Open bankingTB. You can find more information on our Developer portal.

Separate limits apply to SEPA instant payments. These limits are included in the limits for SEPA and foreign payments.

SEPA instant payment Payment limit Accounting day limit
Internet bankingTB 3 000 EUR 3 000 EUR
Tatra banka application 3 000 EUR 3 000 EUR
Open bankingTB 3 000 EUR 3 000 EUR

Instant payments initiated via the Business bankingTB application are subject to existing signature rule limits. 


SEPA instant payment Submission time Processing date Appropriation date
Internet bankingTB until 24:00 D D
Tatra banka application until 24:00 D D
Business bankingTB until 18:00 D D
Open bankingTB until 24:00 D D

D = payment will be processed on the same day


SEPA instant payments are charged in the same way as SEPA payments and are part of service packages.

Details on charging can be found in the Price list of services.

Frequently asked questions

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