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Protection against card misuse

Your money is always protected with innovations from Tatra banka. Look what measures we have introduced to make access to your money by payment cards as secure as possible.

The security of card payments is supervised by a team of professionals

Card transactions are monitored by an experienced team of professionals

ATM withdrawals with a mobile phone

Protected ATMs nationwide

Secure login to Internet Banking with a card reader and password

Secure login for applications and Internet BankingTB

Online payment card transactions management

Online access to important information related to cards

Monitoring of card payment transactions

At Tatra banka we truly appreciate that you have decided to manage your finances with us. So we take care that your finances are as safe as possible.

We constantly monitor transactions on each card and protect you in this way. As part of our initiative, a banking professional may call you to verify a selected card payment in order to protect your money.

Monitoring the security of card payments

More secure ATMs

More secure ATMs with a controlled card movement

Withdraw money safely with the innovative protection of our ATMs.

To achieve our objective to have ATMs as safe as possible, we have introduced a controlled card movement during card insertion and removal, which prevents the reading of the data from the payment card’s magnetic stripe by an unauthorized device.

Your withdrawals are protected in this way.

Card and ReaderTB

Always manage your finances securely via Internet BankingTB.

Card and ReaderTB is a unique tool that will help you achieve security. It is designed for a more secure login and payment confirmation via Internet BankingTB. It consists of an ordinary chip payment card and a chip payment card reader.

Would you like to try a minireader?

It is used for Internet BankingTB in the same way as a standard reader, only it is smaller and more convenient. A minireader costs €8.

Two-factor payment protection in Internet Banking

Our tip: ČítačkaTB app

Download the ČítačkaTB app and you will only need your mobile phone to login to Internet BankingTB.

Overview of transactions

Verification of card payments online or by phone

Transactions made by a card can be conveniently checked anytime and anywhere via:

  • Internet BankingTB, in which you see an overview of transactions and information on the current account/card balance,
  • Tatra banka mobile app,
  • B-mail – information on each transaction via SMS or e-mail,
  • DIALOG Live contact center.

Leave your phone number and we will contact you

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