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Travel Insurance

Are you worried about booking a holiday or a flight? Travel insurance will take care of it for you.

Annual travel insurance covering multiple trips abroad

Year-round insurance

Travel insurance is also valid for fellow traveling family members

Also covers fellow traveling family members

This best travel insurance is valid abroad and worldwide

Valid worldwide

Includes insurance of medical costs, including winter sports, luggage insurance and a bonus – insurance for a response by the mountain rescue service in Slovakia

Bonus: Mountain rescue service response in Slovakia

Tatra banka, a.s. carries out financial intermediation as an independent financial agent registered in the NBS register under reg. number 34945 for UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., a branch of an insurance company from another member state and for Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.

Benefits of travel insurance

Why would you buy insurance separately for every trip abroad, if you can do it all at once and with many more advantages?

The travel insurance benefits for Tatra banka clients:

  • year-round comprehensive travel insurance from UNIQA, open-ended, i. e. for a full year with automatic renewal,
  • automatic coverage of family members as traveling companions,
  • liability insurance (compulsory for skiers in Italy)
  • unlimited number of trips abroad, while one trip can take max. 90 days,
  • may be arranged online in Tatra banka app or via DIALOG Live. Or in any Tatra banka branch.

Read more More detailed information on the extension of the subject of medical expenses insurance and cancellation fee insurance

 Travel insurance – insurance abroad from Tatra banka

Insurance parameters

  • The travel insurance is valid all around the world with an annual premium of only 36 EUR.
  • The insurance is valid six hours after the contract documentation has been generated.
  • The reasons for traveling may include, in addition to holiday, a short shopping trip abroad, study visit or business trip of non-manual (administrative or managerial) nature.

Insurance coverage

  • Insurance for medical costs up to 250 000 EUR
  • Insurance for call-out of mountain rescue within the SR
  • Accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Air travel insurance
  • Insurance of assistance services
  • Legal assistance insurance
  • Technical assistance insurance for vehicles within Europe

Enhanced coverage:

  • Insurance of risky sports for sports enthusiasts (more than 100 sports activities eg alpine, cyclocross, freeride, diving up to 10 m, hiking up to 5,000 m, etc.)

    The annual insurance premium for additional insurance is 36 EUR in addition to the basic insurance premium
  • Travel cancellation insurance, cancellation fee and trip interruption
    The subject of the insurance is the costs related to the cancellation of the trip / trip (accommodation), the ticket, the booked trip abroad and the interruption of the trip for all insured persons.

    The annual premium for additional insurance is 105 EUR to the basic premium and the sum insured is 3 000 EUR.

Insured persons

A unique advantage of the insurance is that it automatically covers not only you but also your family members as your travel companions.

Thanks to this, you always have one less worry before a family trip abroad.

Insured persons are:

  • The insured referred to in the insurance contract
  • Family members as travel companions


You do not have to pay extra travel insurance for your family members. If they travel with you, your travel insurance covers them, too.

Best travel insurance for a family from Tatra banka

Family members as travel companions:

  • Insured’s husband/wife aged up to 65 years/in the case of travel insurance for seniors without age limitation,
  • Insured’s common-law partner aged up to 65 years/in the case of travel insurance for seniors without age limitation,
  • Insured’s children aged up to 18 years

The family members are only insured if traveling together with the insured.

How to take out travel insurance

In Tatra banka mobile app* Mobile application
By phone via DIALOG Live Call me
In person at the branch Closest branch

*Only valid for Tatra banka clients with the Account for blue planetTB or a credit card.
Open an account online in minutes.

Travel insurance for seniors

  • Travel insurance with the same coverage for clients over 65 years of age without upper age limit.
  • Travel insurance has territorial validity worldwide and the annual premium is 48 EUR.
  • The insured persons are the spouse, common-law partner without age limit and children up to the age of 18 if they travel with the insured.

Travel insurance can also be arranged for cancellation and travel cancellation insurance.

For more details on the insurance coverage, see the General Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Reporting insured events

You can use the assistance service for reporting.

The assistance service is available for you anytime and anywhere in the world. If you need help, please, feel free to contact the assistance service staff.


24/7 in Slovak language

When calling from Slovakia: 0850 666 666
When calling from abroad: +421 232 666 666

Use one of the following options to report a claim:

  • Online through the insurance company website
  • By mail to the insurance company address:
    UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., pobočka poisťovne z iného členského štátu
    Krasovského 3986/15
    851 01 Bratislava
  • In person at any Tatra banka or UNIQA branch

You can find the insurance contract number required for reporting a claim in your insurance contract, in your payment receipt, in the Tatra banka mobile application or via the UNIQA infoline at +421 232 600 100

Nonstop assistance service with insurance abroad

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