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Business loan for a developed business

Don't let a lack of resources slow your business down.
Get a BusinessLoanTB Expres for up to 160 000 EUR. And that without material security and documenting the purpose at the time of granting the loan.

Arrange even without visiting a branch

Arrange even without visiting a branch

Up to 160 000 EUR

Up to 185 000 EUR

Minimum required documents

Minimum required documents

Simple and quick processing

Simple and quick processing

Benefits for Ltd/LLC companies

  • Available to existing and new clients
  • Minimum required documents and express approval
  • Security is only a form of warranty agreement
  • Comprehensive advice in branches and via DIALOG Live
  • Possibility to arrange key person insurance from UNIQA poisťovna or My company insurance from Allianz poisťovna


  • Flexible loan amount - from 1 000 EUR up to 185 000 EUR
  • Form of loan: overdraft loan for 12 months or installment loan for a maximum of 6 years
  • Suitable as a loan for entrepreneurs or a loan for a Ltd/LLC company. - business activity must last at least 24 months

Who can apply for a loan for Ltd/LLC companies:

  • limited liability companies and joint-stock companies registered in the commercial register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons who do business on the basis of a trade license and are registered in the trade register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons who do business on the basis of other than trade authorization according to special regulations and are not registered either in the commercial register of the Slovak Republic or in the trade register of the Slovak Republic

Where to get the loan

Loan applications for Ltd/LLC businesses and entrepreneurs with a developed business are accepted in our branches or by phone through the DIALOG Live service.


Leave us your contact and we will call you.

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Arrange a personal meeting at the branch of your choice.

List of branches

Tatra banka branches

Necessary documents

  • Identification document of a natural person
  • Documents proving business activity (e.g. extract from the relevant register)
  • Financial statements and tax returns for the 2 previous completed accounting periods, if they are not published in the register of financial statements
  • Confirmation of the filing of the tax return, if it is not published in the register of financial statements
  • Completed questionnaire (for single or double accounting) - contains the information needed to apply for a business loan
  • Additional documentation of the necessary documents depends on the type of specific applicant and the method of processing the request

Tip for you

Are you looking for a simple and fast loan of up to 50 000 EUR? Get online business financing options.

Financing for you

Installment loan for a period of 1 to 6 years

  • The loan is suitable for financing your company's investment plans and its further development.
  • You will repay the loan in equal installments during the agreed period, while you always pay interest only on the currently remaining unpaid part of the loan.
  • The loan is drawn directly to the company account.

Overdraft for a period of 12 months with revaluation

  • The loan is suitable for financing the company's operating needs or bridging a short-term lack of funds on the company account.
  • It is provided in the form of an overdraft on a company account for a period of 12 months with the possibility of reevaluation for another period.
  • The advantage is that the loan is drawn down only when the positive balance on the company account is used up. Of course, you only pay interest on the used up part of the loan.

A loan for companies or a business credit?

If you decide to compare products from several banks, you may come across the terms business loans, loans for companies, loans for entrepreneurs, business loans or loans for entrepreneurs.

Don't be fooled by marketing names. The terms business loan and business loan are mostly used as synonyms. Therefore, more important than the name of the product are the conditions under which you can get it. In addition to the interest rate, it is also worth comparing the related fees or conditions regarding the security.

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