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State guaranteed loan

Support your business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of a loan with a preferential interest rate.

Use the opportunity to apply for a loan with a Slovak Investment Holding guarantee or EXIMBANK guarantee.

You can apply for a loan at a branch, through the DIALOG Live *1100 call center or through your Relationship Manager.


  • the loan can be used to finance operational needs or renewal investments
  • the possibility of support for all size categories of companies without restriction
  • maximum loan amount of 20 000 000 EUR
  • loan maturity minimum 2 years, maximum 6 years
  • the company pays a fee for the guarantee, which can be waived if employment is maintained in the first 12 months of drawing aid
  • interest rate from 1.9 % p. a.
  • deferral of repayment of principal and interest for one year
  • automatic guarantee from Slovak Investment Holding
  • individual guarantee from EXIMBANK for loans over 2 000 000 EUR

Who is the loan for

  • company or self-employed person
  • company or sole trader
  • client and non-client of the bank
  • company that is a Slovak entity
  • company that is not in bankruptcy, resp. restructuring
  • company that does not have against the social insurance, resp. indebtedness to the health insurance company after the due date of more than 90 days

Restrictions on the period of drawing and repayment of a loan with a state guarantee

  • loan may not be used to refinance the company's existing liabilities
  • prohibition of early repayment of other loans until early repayment of a loan covered by a state guarantee
  • prohibition to pay shares of profits
  • ban on disbursing intra - group loans
  • ban on lending


European union

Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic


Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Slovak Investment Holding





"Loans are secured by a guarantee under the financial instrument SIH anti-corona guarantee 2a"
"Loans are secured by a guarantee under the financial instrument" SIH anti-corona guarantee 2b"

"Loans are secured by a guarantee under the financial instrument EXIMBANKA SR anti-corona guarantee"

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