State guaranteed loan

Support your business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of a loan with a preferential interest rate.

As a bank client, use the opportunity to apply for a loan with a state guarantee.

You can apply for a loan at a branch, through the DIALOG Live *1100 call center or through your Relationship Manager.


  • the installment loan can be used exclusively to finance operational needs associated with mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the client's business
  • preferential interest rate
  • loan maturity up to 6 years
  • the client pays a fee for the guarantee

Who is the loan for

  • a company or self-employed person who is a client of the bank
  • a client who is a Slovak entity
  • company or sole proprietor regardless of the number of employees, turnover or balance sheet total
  • a company that is not in bankruptcy, resp. restructuring
  • a company that does not have against the social insurance, resp. indebtedness to the health insurance company after the due date of more than 90 days | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.