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Real property financing

We offer medium- and long-term financing of construction, purchase, extension and reconstruction of real property.

We are the leader in the field of project financing

Leader in the field of project financing

Individual approach to each project

individual approach to each project

We offer you professional and flexible approach

Professional and flexible approach


We finance the following real property types:

  • administrative buildings

  • commercial premises

  • logistics and industrial real property

  • others


  • pledge over the financed real property

  • pledge over receivables

  • pledge over ownership interests/shares

  • blank bill-of-exchange and notarial deed

For more information on real property financing contact our team.

Documents required for project evaluation:

  • business plan stating the project description and location
  • overall project cost budget
  • project realisation schedule
  • information about the permissions - planning permit, building permit
  • information about building contractor
  • ownership title and cadastral map
  • expert's opinion (in the event of existing real property)
  • information about project yields
  • information about tenants
  • information about costs of real property operation
  • client's participation in the total project costs (the amount of own resources) | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.