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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 11:22

Financing of warehouse receipts

We will refinance your stock of agricultural crops. If your company operates
in agriculture, you can apply for financing of warehouse receipts.

  • ensures liquidity
  • fast processing and evaluation of the transaction
  • simple security in the form of the commodity


  • ensuring of liquidity through obtaining of cash tied with the stock
  • fast processing and evaluation of the transaction
  • simple documentation
  • the option to get a loan for your own commodity without any further security required
  • the option to store and wait for a better realisation price (primary production, trade)
  • purchase of production stock for the whole year at the time of the most favourable prices (processors)
  • specification of the amount and maturity of individual tranches according to the client's needs


  • warehouse receipts represent order securities issued by the warehouse keeper (public warehouse operator) who confirms the acceptance of goods from the depositor (goods owner) for storage in a public warehouse on the basis of a contract for storage
  • upon submission of warehouse receipts we finance the following agricultural commodities: wheat and rye for food processing, feed wheat and rye, malted barley and feed barley, feed corn, rape and sunflower
  • a product for farmers, processors, input suppliers and traders
  • we accept a pledged receivable up to 80% of the goods value, however maximum in the amount of advance payment determined by the bank
  • limit: can by revolving (upon repayment of individual warehouse receipt the limit will automatically be renewed by the repaid amount) or non-revolving
  • minimum loan amount: EUR 100,000, maximum 80% of the commodity value
  • loan maturity period: 30 - 300 days (not later than the credit line final maturity)
Target group

Target group

  • agricultural entities (primary production, growers) who want to wait for higher realisation price
  • processors in food industry (producers of beer, food oils, millers, bakers, feedstuff producers), MERA and bioalcohol producers purchasing at the time of the lowest price)
  • input suppliers (seeds, fertilisers, chemical products) who settle their receivables by taking goods from farmers
  • public warehouse operators
  • traders, exporters


  • original warehouse receipt endorsed to Tatra banka
  • confirmation of storage costs settlement issued by the public warehouse
  • copy of the contract for storage in a public warehouse