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Bridge loan for agribusiness – grant financing

A bridge for the period between filing an application for an agricultural grant and its actual receipt to get access to funds when you need them.

Getting any purpose operational sources without security

Getting any purpose operational resources without the need to provide security

Possibility to get financing up to 150% of the requested grant

Possibility to get so-called pre-payments – financing up to 150% of the requested grant

Repayment of the loan after the grant is credited to your account

Repayment of the loan after the grant is credited to your account

Easy paperwork and fast processing

Easy paperwork and fast processing 


  • Funds available when you need them
  • Pre-financing of all grant types
  • Loan amount from 100 000 EUR
  • Loan maturity period up to one year with possible automatic renewal
  • Interest charged only on the portion of the loan actually used and only for the period of actual use
  • No need to document the loan purpose
  • Quick processing and low administrative requirements

Qualification conditions

  • Acceptable financial position as assessed by a swift financial analysis of your company

Required documents

  • Financial statements for the two previous completed accounting periods
  • Current financial statement
  • Questionnaire – additional information on the current financial statement
  • Grant-related documents (application, decision)


  • We provide bridge loans for agribusiness mainly without the need to provide security.
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