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Tatra banka

20.4.2018 01:22

BusinessLoanTB Hypo

Non-specific loan for entrepreneurs up to EUR 200,000
with a beneficial interest rate thanks to security provided
by real property? Let us introduce to you our BusinessÚverTB Hypo.

  • Loan usage for any purpose
  • With the interest rate 3,45 % p.a
  • Secured by real property determined for housing or business purposes




BusinessÚverTB Hypo can be used as:

  • Non-specific loan with no proof of usage of financial means
  • Specific loan for purchase of real property or repayment of existing loans

BusinessÚverTB Hypo allows you to:

  • Get financial means to purchase real property or commercial premises
  • Repay the existing loans with one loan
  • Finance purchase of machinery, equipment, purchase stock and cover of other investment needs

With BusinessÚverTB Hypo you can choose:

  • Loan repayment period
  • Interest rate fixation period


BusinessÚverTB Hypo is dedicated to
  • Sole-traders and entrepreneurs with a minimum of 15 months of business history
  • Both clients and non-clients of Tatra banka
Basic loan parameters:
Minimum loan amount:
EUR 10, 000
Maximum loan amount: EUR 200, 000
Form of loan provision: Instalment loan
Loan repayment period: 1 to 10 years
Interest rate fixation period: 1, 3, 5 years
Possibility of early repayment:
  • yes
  • free of charge as at interest rate fixation period termination
Loan repayment:
Interests + principal:
  • cleared on the last working day in month debited by automatic collection from the applicant´s current account
  • in two separate payments (payment of principal and payment of interest) while the loan decreases each month thanks to straight line repayment


Who can apply for BusinessÚverTB:

  • Limited liability companies and joint-stock companies maintained with the Commercial Register of the SR
  • Persons with business activities conducted under a trade license who are maintained with the Trade Register of the SR
  • Persons with business activities conducted under other than a trade license according to separate regulations who are maintained neither in the Commercial Register of the SR nor in the Trade Register of the SR
  • Association of natural persons

Basic conditions:

  • Applicant´s business activity has lasted at least 15 months without change of legal form and type of accounting
  • Applicant´s business activity is conducted in the fields accepted by the bank
  • Applicant can submit acceptable loan security and required documents

Necessary documents for indicative offer processing:

  • Financial Statements
    - business activities lasting 15 – 23 months – financial statements for the last closed accounting period and the latest financial statements in the regular year
    - business activities lasting over 24 months - financial statements for two closed accounting periods or the latest financial statements in the regular year
  • Completed Tatra banka questionnaire with additional information for the loan application


Loan security

Loan security

BusinessÚveruTB Hypo security consists of:

  • Real property and Security Agreement

Mortgaged real property parameters:

  • Domestic real property

    - Residential – real property for housing (apartment, family house, holiday cottage usable all year round, etc.)
    - Non-residential – real property for business purposes (office building, offices, commercial premises, building plot, multi-purpose object, boarding house, etc.)

Do not worry. In Tatra banka you will easily provide these services for your BusinessÚverTB Hypo:

  • Real property insurance
  • Insurance of a key person which enables you to securely repay your loan


No need to worry. At Tatra banka you can easily get the BusinessLoanTB Hypo:

  • real property insurance
  • key person insurance which secures the loan repayment