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Business loan secured by real estate BusinessLoanTB Hypo

Turn your business visions and ambitions into reality with a business loan. BusinessLoanTB Hypo is available up to 200 000 EUR with a favorable interest rate due to it being secured with a property.

Use the investment loan to buy premises

Buy your business premises

A business loan with a favorable interest rate

Favorable interest rate from 3.99 % p. a.

A business loan for anything – purchase of inventories, car, premises

Option to use the loan for anything - up to 200 000 EUR

Choice of a fixed-rate period

Option to choose a fixed-rate period


You can also use it as a refinancing and investment loan

Fulfil your ambitious business goals with loans from Tatra banka.
BusinessLoanTB Hypo can be used as an any purpose loan without documenting the use of funds or as a special purpose loan to purchase property or repay existing loans.

  • With its benefits, BusinessLoanTB Hypo will allow you to get the necessary funds to acquire your desired property or buy business premises.
  • You can also use it as an investment loan to finance the purchase of machines, equipment, inventories or to cover your other investment needs.
  • It will help you repay existing loans with one loan.
  • You choose the repayment period and fixed-rate period.
  • You can also arrange key person insurance from UNIQA insurance company to give you certainty that you will be able to continue to repay the loan in the event of unforeseen events. In the event of disability, inability to work and loss of job, the insurance company will pay the monthly loan instalments to your business account. In the event of death, the insurance company will pay off the outstanding loan balance directly to the bank.


BusinessLoanTB Hypo is an ideal aid for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs with a business history of at least 15 months. The loan is equally available to those who are and those who are not Tatra banka clients who wish to constantly advance.

Loan amount is flexible.

You can borrow from 10 000 EUR to a maximum amount of 200 000 EUR.

Basic loan parameters:

  • Loan disbursement form: instalments
  • Loan repayment period: 1 to 15 years
  • Fixed-rate period: 1 year, 3 years or 5 years
  • You can also repay the loan early without a fee at the end of the fixed-rate period.
Refinancing and investment business loan

Parameters to be fulfilled with pledged domestic property: 

  • residential – intended for living (flat, family house, holiday cottage that can be lived in all year round, etc.),
  • non-residential – intended for business (administrative building, offices, business premises, development land, multifunctional building, guest house, etc.).
  • The property can be owned by the borrower, partners, relatives or the owner selling the property to the borrower.

How to get the loan

Who can apply for a BusinessLoanTB Expres:

  • limited liability companies and joint-stock companies registered in the Business Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons pursuing business under a trade license registered in the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons pursuing business under a license other than a trade license under special legislation and not registered in the Business Register of the Slovak Republic or the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • an association of natural persons.

Meet following conditions:

  • the applicant has at least a 15-month business history without a change of legal form and bookkeeping method,
  • the applicant pursues business in industries acceptable to the bank,
  • the applicant can submit acceptable loan security and the requested documents.

Documents required for assession your loan application:

  • when pursuing business for 15 to 23 months – the financial statements for the most recent accounting period and the most recent financial statements for the current year,
  • when pursuing business for 24 and more months – the financial statements for two completed accounting periods or the most recent financial statements for the current year,
  • completed Tatra banka questionnaire with supplementary information to the loan application.

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