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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:28

EU project financing for farmers

Do you conduct business in agriculture? We offer financing of investment activities supported by the European Union funds. 

  • support from the vision until the project realisation 
  • participation up to 100% of expenses 
  • experience with the EU pre-accession and structural funds
  • individual approach to each project   


  • specialised division for agribusinesses and agriculture
  • specialised team for the EU projects, as well as for renewable energy sources and energy projects
  • long-standing experience with agribusiness financing
  • the option to secure the loan by the project scope
  • contract for co-operation signed between Tatra banka and Agricultural Paying Agency
  • accredited partner for agriculture by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Paying Agency


We offer co-financing of the EU projects in the form of participation on the required own funds or by combination of project co-financing and refinancing of a non-refundable financial contribution, which you can use for early repayment of a loan portion.

  • repayment period depends on the investment return and financial standing
  • security under mutual agreement
    • pledge over the financed object (real property, machinery, equipment, technology) if a contract of co-operation has been signed with the respective managing authority
    • pledge over movable assets or real property outside the project
    • pledge over trade receivables
    • bill-of-exchange


Operational financing will enable you to bridge the time between the required settlement of eligible costs to the supplier and refunding of expenses from the project.

Thus you will be able to refinance the non-refundable financial contribution during the project realisation or after the filing of the application for payment with the respective mediation body.

  • short-term instalment or overdraft loan, or revolving loan in the event of long-term realisation
  • financing up to 100% of the non-refundable financial contribution
  • security under mutual agreement, usually outside the project


Required documents:

  • financial statements for the previous two completed accounting periods
  • up-to-date financial statements of the current year
  • the client's tax returns for the previous two completed accounting periods
  • signed contract for the provision of a non-refundable financial contribution where an account maintained with Tatra banka is specified as the account for remittance of the non-refundable financial contribution, or
    • application for payment filed with the respective mediation body, or
    • application for a non-refundable financial contribution
  • project realisation schedule
  • expert's opinion of real property, if the real property represents the security


For more information regarding the EU project financing contact: