Refinancing Mortgage LoanTB

Why pay more when you don’t have to? Replace your current mortgage with a more favorable one from Tatra banka.

Best interest rate from Tatra banka

Favourable interest from 1,25 % at 3-year fixed-rate period
(representative example)

No charge for loan provision

No charge for loan provision

Professional advice from our specialists

Professional advice from our specialists

Favorable insurance for a house or flat with a mortgage loan from us

Advantageous property insurance and ability to repay the loan

Benefits of a refinancing mortgage loan

Mortgage LoanTB from Tatra banka comes with a number of unique benefits which make it worthwhile to refinance.

  • Mortgage LoanTB is still available up to 100 % of the collateral value. The specific amount of a loan is subject to approval and is specified after filing a loan application.
  • Loan repayment will be easier for you. It is sufficient if 80 % of your loan will be used for the repayment of at least one mortgage and other consumer loans, loans of selected non-bank companies or credit cards. Combine your loans into one and reduce your monthly installment.
  • A mortgage loan tailored for you, considering your individual needs. Our mortgage specialists will help you with the entire mortgage loan arrangement process and you will get the final loan offer at the first meeting. Look at our guide to know what to expect.

  • Any purpose portion for anything will please those who want a mortgage loan not only to solve their housing needs but also to cover other expenses.

Along with a Mortgage LoanTB you can get additional benefits and products:

  • reduced interest rate on a Consumer LoanTB, which you can use, for example, as additional financing of housing or to furnish your household, and we accept property appraisals that are up to five years old,

  • a new credit card with no card fee for 12 months.

Benefits of a mortgage loan from Tatra banka – low interest rate and a benefits package

In cooperation with UNIQA insurance company you can arrange:

  • insurance of your ability to repay a loan, which will give you certainty in the event of unforeseen events that you will be able to continue repaying your mortgage loan,
  • property insurance that you can arrange according to your needs.

Where to apply for a Mortgage LoanTB

 Visit any Tatra banka branch


Visit any Tatra banka branch, where our mortgage specialists will be happy to help you.

 Use the Dialog Live contact center

DIALOG Live contact center

Would you prefer to handle the entire approval process online? You can then sign the loan agreement at any Tatra banka branch *1100

 Schedule a video consultation with one of our mortgage specialists

 Online video consultation  

Schedule a video consultation with one of our mortgage specialists and review the terms of your mortgage loan from the comfort of your home.

Mortgage LoanTB/APR calculation

 Get an idea about how much you will pay for a Mortgage LoanTB. Look at an illustrative example with the following details:

The loan amount used in an Illustrative example of the Refinancing Mortgage loan

Loan amount: €50,000,
term: 30 years

The interest rate used in an Illustrative example of the Refinancing Mortgage loan

Interest rate:
1.25 % p.a.

The monthly installment used in an Illustrative example of the Refinancing Mortgage loan

Monthly installment:

How to manage an existing mortgage loan

Do you belong among those who already have their mortgage loan with Tatra banka? Use the services through which you will always have your mortgage under control.

  • Via mobile app Tatra banka, Internet BankingTB and MaFin you can monitor the amount of your balance.

  • In the course of repayment you may make extraordinary instalments, ask for a change of the original pledged property or defer an instalment.

  • You can negotiate your fixed interest rate for a specified period of years. During that period your interest rate will not change.

  • At least two months before the end of the fixed interest rate period we will contact you in writing and let you know the new interest rate and the new fixed interest rate period. You can then decide whether to accept the new interest rate and fixed period or accept an offer for an extended or reduced fixed period with the applicable interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Calculator for Refinancing Mortgage LoanTB

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