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Lifetime insuranceTB

Think of the future and unexpected life situations. Provide funds for your loved ones to cover the costs associated with your last farewell.

No health examination

No health examination

Fast payment of benefits

Fast payment of benefits

Assistance services

Assistance services

Low monthly payment

Low monthly payment

Tatra banka, a.s. carries out financial intermediation as an independent financial agent registered in the NBS register under reg. number 34945 for UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., a branch of an insurance company from another member state and for Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.

Benefits of Lifetime insuranceTB

If you are looking for insurance that shows you responsibility to your loved ones, take out Lifetime insuranceTB from Tatra banka. We offer you:

  • Taking out insurance without any medical examination. All you have to do is decide on the amount of insurance coverage and the method of payment and you can take advantage of the insurance.
  • Guarantee of fast payment of insurance benefits. After reporting the insurance event and delivering the necessary documents, the funds are paid out within 48 hours of the closure of the insurance event. The payment of the performance is not subject to income tax or inheritance proceedings.
  • Assistance services are an automatic part of the insurance and in many situations will help solve an unexpected event that has just occurred.
  • Possibility to choose to pay premiums in regular monthly payments for a period of 10 years as a regular premium or a single premium payment when arranging insurance.

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Scope of insurance

Lifetime insuranceTB will ensure the payment of a predetermined sum insured by a designated person in the event of an unforeseen event, which is death.

Upon reaching the age of 100, the Lifetime insuranceTB will pay you a specified sum of sums together with an appreciation.

At the same time, you have a NONSTOP assistance service at your disposal, which you can use for a period of 10 years from the beginning of the insurance.

Product parameters

Entry age of the insured person:

  • from 18 to 70 years with regular paid insurance
  • from 18 to 85 years of age with a single premium payment

Sum insured:

  • For regular premiums: 2 000, 3 000, 5 000, 7 500, 10 000 EUR
  • For single premiums: 1 500, 2 000, 3 000, 5 000, 7 500, 10 000 EUR

Insurance period:

  • until the occurrence of the insured event or
  • until the age of 100
  • 10 years for Lifetime insuranceTB assistance services.

You can set up Lifetime insuranceTB at any Tatra banka branch.


Representative example

Age of the client

55 years

Insurance coverage for death

2 000 EUR

Monthly insurance premium

from 20,59 EUR

Assistance services

The assistance services will provide you with and pay for the following services up to the set limits:

Zdravotná asistencia


  • medical infoline - doctor on the phone, general health information, including consultations on COVID-19,
  • provision of transport for or from a doctor's examination,
  • security of purchase,
  • household cleaning.
Technická asistencia


  • domestic emergency services,
  • unlocking the door after slamming,
  • home assistance - hourly husband,
  • IT assistance in installing or using technology,
  • COVID-19 assistance in registering for a test or vaccination.


Assistance services are valid on the territory of the Slovak Republic. Technical assistance is provided in the household permanently occupied by the insured person. Household members who live with the insured for a long time and participate in the running of the household are also automatically entitled to use assistance services.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact the staff of the NONSTOP assistance service at the telephone number: +421 220 512 770.

Reporting an insurance event

Tell your loved ones about the possibilities of reporting an insurance event:

  • online through the UNIQA website
  • by post to the address of the insurance company:
    UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., pobočka poisťovne z iného členského štátu
    Krasovského 3986/15
    851 01 Bratislava
  • in person at UNIQA or Tatra banka branches

To report an insurance event, it is necessary to:

  • the number of the insurance contract* or the birth number of the policyholder.
  • data on the insured person (name, surname, date of birth).
  • documents: official document on the death of the insured (death certificate) and medical report on the death of the insured (death certificate). 

*You can find the insurance contract number required for reporting a claim in your insurance contract, in your payment receipt, in the Tatra banka mobile application or via the UNIQA infoline at +421 232 600 100

Reporting an insurance event

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