Standard Legislative Account Standard Legislative Account

Standard Legislative Account

If you have no current account opened with any bank in Slovakia, then try a practical and simple Standard Legislative Account from Tatra banka.

Standard Legislative Account with a debit card and unlimited withdrawals from Tatra banka at no charge

Debit payment card

Unlimited number of free electronic statements for a Standard Legislative Account

Electronic account statements

Standard Legislative Account with an unlimited number of cashless transactions in Euros

Unlimited number of transactions

The Standard Legislative Account without a required minimum balance

Without a required minimum balance

Basic information of a Standard Legislative Account

Are you looking for a simple and practical bank account through which you can manage your finances?

  • Practical current account
    By opening a Standard Legislative Account, you get a current account in Euros without a required minimum balance. The account maintenance fee depends on regulation from the Slovak Ministry of Finance and it is currently 3 EUR.
  • E-mail statement
    The account offers an option to have an unlimited number of electronic account statements delivered to your e-mail address at a desired frequency.
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
    The account also comes with an unlimited number of cash deposits and withdrawals in Euros at Tatra banka branches.
  • Cashless payment transactions
    You can make an unlimited number of cashless payment transactions in Euros via Tatra banka branches, Internet bankingTB, Tatra banka mobile app, VIAMO or DIALOG Live within Slovakia.
  • Electronic banking
    You can monitor and manage your finances via Internet bankingTB and the Tatra banka mobile app. We also offer you the Tatra banka VIAMO app
  • Payment card
    With a current account, you get a Visa debit card, without insurance, to make an unlimited number of payments and cash withdrawals in Euros from ATMs of Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank International AG group.
  • SEPA direct debit
    You can also make an unlimited number of cashless payment transactions in Euros through standing orders and SEPA direct debits within Slovakia.
Try Standard Legislative account from Tatra banka and read about its benefits

Standard Legislative Account qualification conditions

 To get a Standard Legislative Account, you must meet the following conditions:

Standard Legislative Account from Tatra banka with a €3 monthly fee

  • You are a natural person who does not act in the course of your own business or another business when entering into and during the performance of the agreement with the bank,
  • You have permanent residence in the European Union, including a person without residence in the Slovak Republic, an asylum seeker and someone who has not been granted a residency permit but whose deportation is not possible for legal or factual reasons,
  • You may have a deposit account, a cash deposit confirmed by a passbook or receive deposits through a savings system by saving via a payment card, or through a one-time or regular transfer of funds.
  • You submit a written application for a payment account with basic functions to a bank or a branch of a foreign bank in Slovakia, and you have no payment account with any bank or a branch of a foreign bank on the application date for a payment account with basic functions.

A bank may not subject the opening of a Standard Legislative Account to the provision of other services or the offer of the bank’s promotions provided this condition applies to all its customers.

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