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Transparent account

A transparent account enables the public display of executed transactions on the account.

No minimum balance

No minimum balance

A simple overview of transactions

A simple overview of transactions

Instant payments

Instant payments

Basic information about the transparent account

A transparent account can be established voluntarily or on the basis of a legal obligation (§27g of Act No. 483/2001 Coll. on Banks) through a Tatra banka branch. It is intended for:

  • natural persons,
  • foundations and civic associations,
  • political parties,
  • cities and municipalities.


A transparent account brings you:

  • the ability to choose from the current offer of accounts or service packages,
  • 24/7 account access with the best electronic banking,
  • the possibility to make immediate payments,
  • unlimited number of electronic statements,
  • an unlimited number of email and push notifications about account movements at any interval.

Conditions for opening a transparent account

To open a transparent account, you need to submit:

  • valid identity document,
  • in the case of a legal entity, also a document proving the right to do business (the original document or an officially certified copy of the document, or issued in electronic form with an electronic signature in the format PAdES (.pdf), ASiC-E (.asice, .sce), ASiC-S ( .asics, .scs), .zep or .xzep).

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