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Securities - Investment account

What do we offer you in the field of securities?

Investment account in Tatra banka, a.s.

The Investment account means a securities holding administration established and maintained by Tatra banka, a.s. pursuant to §6 para. 8 of Act no. 566/2001 Coll. on Securities and Investment Services and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended.

What does the Investment account of Tatra banka, a.s. contain?

  • It is possible to register all book-entry Slovak or foreign securities on the Investment Account, with the exception of domestic unit certificates (issued in accordance with Act No. 203/2011 Coll. On Collective Investment, as amended).
  • For the client, we automatically ensure the payment of principal and income arising from his securities to the benefit of his current account maintained with Tatra banka, a.s. About any payment of principal and income on the Investment Account in Tatra banka, a.s. we will inform you via a transaction statement. We do not provide services aimed at the recovery of unpaid principal and income, nor services related to the refund of taxes already paid.
  • We do not ensure voting at general meetings. We will provide the Client with a statement from his Investment Account, with which he may attend the General Meeting in person, but we do not give him the opportunity to authorize us to go to the General Meeting on the basis of his specific instructions on his behalf.
  • Taxation of income from securities. We apply the withholding tax on Slovak securities in accordance with the valid legal and tax regulations of the Slovak Republic. In the case of foreign securities, we will inform you about the method of application of withholding tax when signing the application for the establishment of an Investment Account in the form of a tax manual, the current version of which you will always find in this section.
  • Corporate actions (eg pre-emptive rights, division of shares, dividend in the form of shares, etc.). In the case of a corporate action that requires a specific instruction from the client for disposal (most often it is necessary to exercise pre-emption rights or determine the form of dividends paid - new shares, or cash), you will be informed about them in this section specifying the deadlines you should meet. If we do not receive another loading instruction from you in time, then e.g. We will sell pre-emption rights that are publicly traded and we will pay the proceeds from their sale after deducting the remuneration in accordance with the applicable tariff.
  • As in the previous points, in the case of all Corporate actions, you are informed of their result via a statement.

Basic information about us

Name: Tatra banka, a.s.
Address: Hodžovo námestie 3, 811 06 Bratislava
ID (IČO): 00686930
VAT number: 2020408522
VAT: SK7020000944
Register: Commercial Register of the Municipal Court Bratislava III
Section: Sa
File No.: 71/B
Registration number of the evident in the CDCP SR, a.s.: 5000599
The number of the holding account established in the CDCP SR, a.s.: 990000000027
Swift code: TATRSKBX
Depository for foreign securities: Euroclear SA/NV Brussels
1, Boulevard du Roi Albert II.
B – 1210 Brussels
Securities sub-account number 25087

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