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My Crayon Plus

The My Crayon Plus program combines insurance with investing in funds, creating an investment that protects your child up to the age of 25.

Comprehensive child protection

Comprehensive child protection

Valid worldwide

Valid worldwide

Without examining sports activities

Without examining
sports activities

Bonus: Baby card for free

Bonus: Baby card for free

Tatra banka, a.s. carries out financial intermediation as an independent financial agent registered in the NBS register under reg. number 34945 for Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s. and for UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., a branch of an insurance company from another member state.

Advantages of the My Crayon Plus program:

  • comprehensive protection of the child
  • the possibility of insuring an adult with a child
  • free Baby card
  • a wide range of additional insurances
  • high program variability
  • dynamization of insurance
  • bonus for the premium amount
  • loyalty bonus
  • investment autopilot
  • discounts on optional additional insurance up to 40 %

Advantages of the My Crayon Plus program

Scope of insurance

Create insurance protection according to your ideas and preferences.

The My Crayon Plus program offers, in addition to the main insurance for the child (Investment life insurance in the event of death), optional additional insurances and the option of insurance for the policyholder's adult as well.

Selection of optional supplementary insurance for CHILD

  • Permanent injury insurance without progression
  • Permanent injury insurance with progression
  • Daily compensation insurance during the necessary treatment of the consequences of an accident
  • Daily indemnity insurance during a stay in hospital due to a child's injury
  • Daily indemnity insurance for hospitalization due to illness
  • Child critical illness insurance
  • Insurance exemption from payment of insurance premiums in the event of a child's medical handicap
  • Home liability insurance
  • Child surgery insurance
  • Doctor + (Second medical opinion)
  • Assistant service

Selection of optional supplementary insurance for ADULT

  • Permanent injury insurance without progression
  • Permanent injury insurance with progression
  • Accidental death insurance with double coverage for a participant in a traffic accident
  • Death insurance with an annuity payment
  • Unemployment and occupational death insurance
  • Insurance of exemption from payment of premiums in case of invalidity of the policyholder
  • Insurance exemption from payment of premiums in case of disability or death of the policyholder
  • Reimbursement insurance for long-term incapacity for work
  • Insurance Service Assistant

Product parameters

Investment in funds

As part of the My Crayon Plus investment life insurance for a child, you can choose from the following funds:

  • Bond fund
  • Equity fund Europe
  • C-Quadrat Total Return Global fund
  • Fidelity Global Dividend fund

Investment strategies

You choose the funds and how much to invest in each of them according to your own decision.

The offer also includes three investment strategies created by combining several funds, so that they offer a suitable investment in view of the investment profile.

  • Conservative: Bond Fund - 75 %, Equity Fund Europe - 25 %
  • Balanced: Bond Fund - 50 %, Equity Fund Europe - 25 %, Fidelity Global Dividend fund - 25 %
  • Growth: Equity Fund Europe - 30 %, Fidelity Global Dividend fund - 30 %, Bond Fund - 25 %, Equity Fund New Markets - 15 %

For funds covered by Article 8 or 9 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council, you will find the embedded information in the form of the template set out in Annex II of Commission Delegated Regulation EU 2022/1288. For some funds, this document does not yet include information on investing in fossil gas and/or nuclear energy activities that comply with the EU taxonomy; the information will be supplemented after it is delivered by the asset managers.

The risk associated with investment and variability of returns is borne by the client. Fund asset values are calculated and expressed in EUR. The value of an investment in a mutual fund may rise, fall or stagnate, and the return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. The value of an investment in a mutual fund can be affected by the following risks: market, interest, exchange rate, settlement risk, low liquidity, decrease in the net value of assets in the mutual fund, risk of environmental instability, political and legal risk.

A representative example (the insured is a one-year-old child)

At a total price of 40.30 EUR/month. does the child include:

  • permanent consequences of an accident in the amount of 65 000 EUR
  • daily compensation insurance in the amount of 35 EUR/day
  • surgery insurance in the amount of 2 000 EUR
  • Babycard - travel insurance for a child
  • investment component worth 25 EUR/month.

Claim reporting and tracking

Use one of the following options to report a claim event:

  • online reporting of an insurance claim through the Allianz website
  • by phone on the Allianz line +421 2 50 122 222
  • by mail to the address of the insurance company:
    Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.
    Pribinova 19
    811 09 Bratislava
  • in person at Allianz or Tatra banka branches

You can find the insurance contract number required for reporting a claim in your insurance contract, in your payment receipt, in the Tatra banka mobile application. 

Track your claim online

Non-stop assistance service for insurance


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