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Value your money

Invest your money sensibly. Get a higher return and long-term financial independence with Tatra banka.

How to invest to appreciate your assets

Appreciate your finances more effectively

How to invest – investment portfolio diversification

Combine and choose several solutions

Higher returns with regular investments

Build a financial reserve and financial independence

Benefits of regular investments

At a time of low interest rates you must seek solutions with a higher return potential that offers several benefits:

  • More effective appreciation of mid- and long-term savings will help you fulfil your plans and dreams.
  • A combination and selection of several solutions can bring you a higher return and more stable development of value for your savings.
  • A financial reserve will help you handle unexpected situations in your life.

Where to invest?

Choose from the funds offered by Tatra Asset Management, správ. spol., a. s.

Invest regularly and let your savings grow

How to invest, Part I – Savings

Keep a stable financial reserve as it will help you handle unexpected situations in your life.

Appreciate your mid- and long-term funds more effectively and fulfil your plans and dreams.

A financial reserve amounting to three months of expenses

Your financial reserve should equal at least three monthly salaries

Financial reserve – easily available

The security and stability of your financial reserve are also important

Invest with a return exceeding the inflation rate

The value of your mid- and long-term funds should grow at roughly the same rate as the growth in prices of goods and services

We will give you advice on how to invest with a return higher than inflation in the Eurozone

In the Eurozone you should consider inflation of about 2% a year

A combination of solutions distributing finances in various mutually complementary funds can look like this:

Distribution of investments in mutual funds


How to invest, PART II – Keep in mind

Before you decide how to appreciate your funds, read the following advice:

An investment portfolio tailored to your needs

Adjust fund distribution to your preferences

You will appreciate a higher share of better investments particularly at a time of falling asset prices in certain financial markets. Your investments will be monitored and maximized to regularly achieve a good return.

Selection of several investment funds

Investments in several funds

Investment allocation to several funds combines the advantages of various investment vehicles and may increase the stability of your investment and its potential return.

Regular gradual investments

Investments in several steps

Divide your investment into several parts and invest gradually. You will mitigate the risk of incorrect timing.



Investment options

Investment frequency can be as follows:

  • one-time investment of at least 150 EUR,
  • A regular transfer under the Investment savingsTB product of any amount.

You will find more tips on how to invest in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Invest directly at the bank or online:

  • electronically via Internet bankingTB in the TAM Funds tab.
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Invest regularly and online

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