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Switching your current account to Tatra banka

Do you like Tatra banka's innovative banking, but do you already have an account elsewhere? Join us and we'll process your account transfer for you.

Quick and easy - switching

Quick and easy

Just one visit to the branch

Just one visit to the branch

We'll arrange everything for you

We'll arrange everything for you


We will arrange everything for you quickly and free of charge:

  • we will transfer your standing orders and direct debits
  • we will ensure the transfer of the balance of funds
  • we will contact your employer to redirect your income
  • we will ask for your original bank account to be closed

And you only need one visit to any Tatra banka branch.

Transfer your account to Tatra banka and we will take care of everything else

Account transfer

 Account switching in 3 easy steps

Open your bank account simply, also through the Tatra banka mobile app.

Apply for account transfer at any Tatra banka branch - you only need an account number/IBAN.

Everything else will be arranged for you.

Frequently asked questions

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