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Effective finance management

The following pages provide tips on how to manage your private finances as effectively as possible and information about the options we offer you.

We offer you a wide range of investment options

Wide range of investment options

Attractive appreciation of your money

Attractive appreciation of your money

Tatra banka is present on global financial markets and in all attractive asset classes

 Presence on global financial markets

You can invest or save gradually

Possibility to invest or save gradually

Increase the value of your savings

Take care of your savings

If you save and invest wisely you can attain attractive appreciation of your savings and improve your current standard of living. You can also protect your finances against negative effects of inflation.

Effects of inflation on your savings

Over the process of time inflation is a threat to the real value of your savings. When money and savings do not appreciate they can lose their value considerably, usually because of the effects and influence of inflation. For the money we have we can buy less and less from year to year and the living costs become more expensive. If you do not take that fact into account it can significantly reduce your current standard of living in the future.

This illustrative example shows the influence of 2 % year-on-year inflation on 10,000 EUR over time.

Illustration of increasing the value of your savings


The advantage of our savings products is the possibility to invest and increase the value of your savings, even in small amounts, so you do not need to affect your current standard of living. With regular savings, you are gradually building financial independence and taking advantage of several benefits of regular saving such as, for example, compound interest and cost averaging1. The sooner you start saving, the more you can capitalize on the potential that saving has to increase the value of your finances.

Tatra banka has a wide range of solutions for you, from term deposit accounts to investment savings products that offer higher yield potential.

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1 Cost averaging: means buying of shares of stock at various price levels. If the share price is dropping, you can buy more shares with your regular amount of savings. You benefit when the price comes back to its previous value. At the same time, if the price is too high, you will buy fewer shares. This method increases the overall effectiveness of your saving and its final outcome.

Increase the value of your savings

Plan your investments in terms of time

Plan the time periods for which you can invest your available finances. Spread your savings into several products to address short-term, mid-term and long-term investment targets. In making your decisions, also consider what comfortable level of risk you are willing to accept as the trade-off for the chance to gain higher yields.


To maintain your comfortable life in the future it is important not to spend all your money and instead put aside a portion of your income and invest advantageously. The money you put aside will help you when you might have no income or if you need to spend more than you are earning.
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The sooner, the better

Start saving or investing as soon as possible and capitalize on the potential of saving and investing in the most effective way.

Start building your financial stability and independence gradually.

We have a few tips for you:

  • Put yourself first and set aside part of the money you have left after regular monthly expenses.
  • Have a short-term financial reserve to cover planned expenses in the near future, for instance, a vacation, a recurring insurance premium, annual settlement of housing costs, auto service checks and the like, but also for covering unexpected events such as temporary loss of employment and the like.
  • Save regularly, and as your financial situation improves increase the amount of saving accordingly.
  • Capitalize on several solutions, taking into account the possibility to earmark finances in order to be as effective as possible. Split your finances into long-term, mid-term and short-term goals and consider the most advantageous options to increase their value. If you allocate your finances correctly and find yourself in financial need you should not need to touch your long-term resources and withdraw them prematurely, something that could be disadvantageous; rather you can let these resources further increase in value. You will be able to cover your need for finances from, for instance, short-term resources.
  • Benefit from time. With even a smaller, regular amount of savings that have the benefit of a longer time you can accomplish more than if you start saving later, even with a higher amount.

Start building your financial stability and independence gradually.This model example shows the advantages of a longer savings period. The graph shows a comparison of deposited and saved amounts of 25, 50 or 100 EUR along with various time periods. The long-term appreciation is considered at 5 % p. a.

The advantages of a longer savings period - model example 

Advantages of investing with us

  • Specialized management of your finances
    Individual investors often do not have sufficient sources of information, or the technical and professional background to effectively manage their investments in capital markets. The solution is to place your investments in the hands of experts – specialists who offer qualified know-how as well as personal and material capacities and, of course, better access to information.
  • Modern investment methods
    For every investor who expects higher appreciation of their investments.
  • Wide range of investment options
    Tailor-made investment solutions for less-experienced investors and investors with previous experience, but also for dynamic investors.

Specialized management of your finances and modern investment methods

  • Transparency and safety
    You can see where and how your finances were invested and you also have current information about the value of your investments.
  • Expertise and a professional approach
    Tatra banka investment specialists, using their extensive experience, knowledge and technical backgrounds, are ready to help you choose a suitable investment approach with regard to the future use of your savings. You do not need to know how financial markets operate – top experts with long experience in the field will manage your investments.
  • Comfortable presence on global financial markets
    Even with small investments you can take part in global financial markets by buying stock shares, bonds, and also real property and other assets of renowned companies.
  • High likelihood of attractive appreciation of your savings
    Investment products from Tatra banka allow you to achieve an increase in value above the level of classic banking products so you can meet your needs, goals and dreams in a more effective manner.
  • The possibility to save gradually
    With regular investing, although of a smaller amount – a lower sum – you can gradually save and make your dreams come true with lower risk – your dream vacation, a renowned school for your child or extra money for your retirement.

Securing the future

The issue of retirement may seem very distant to you today and any form of saving perhaps looks unimportant. But if you want to maintain your current standard of living once you retire and do not want to rely on future generations to fund your retirement pension, you should think today about your future.

Having a high standard in your retirement is about:

  • independence
  • sufficient funds to enjoy your leisure time
  • sufficient funds for high-quality health care
Ensure your high-standard retirement today

Ensure your high-standard retirement today.

We bring perfect solutions to safely save and provide retirement income meeting your standard of living.


Supplementary Pension Saving

Financial reserve

It is essential for your financial stability to create a sufficient cash reserve for financing your planned or unexpected expenses for a period of approximately six months to one year.

A sufficient financial reserve, representing at least three monthly incomes, gives you higher comfort, better protection against unexpected events and makes it easier for you to decide on longer, but more effective, appreciation of your savings with the aim to maintain or improve your current standard of living.

Zabezpečte svoju rodinu pred neočakávanými udalosťami

Financial health principles  

  • surplus of income over expenses as the basic precondition for creating savings (long-term reserves)
  • a financial reserve that can sufficiently cover your expenses in case of loss of income
  • credit stability – a corresponding amount of loans and instalments in line with your assets and regular income
  • insurance of risks to secure your family and property in times of unexpected crisis situations
  • regular savings for retirement to create a sufficient source of income in the future

You can create your financial reserve in several ways.

  1. If you already have sufficient cash funds, deposit them to the Account savingsTB of your Tatra PersonalTB current account or open a term deposit.
  2. If you need to create your financial reserve, open a Investment savingsTB

Achieve your personal goals

We all have our own individual goals that we strive to achieve. Whether it is good-quality living, a nice car or vacation, providing for your children and allowing them to study at a good school or university, securing a happy retirement in the future, or many other goals. And money makes it especially easier to accomplish these goals.

Do you ask yourself how to get the money that would help you make your personal dreams come true, to accomplish your own goals or the ambitions of your family, or just to make you feel good that you are financially secure?

We are pleased to introduce savings and investment solutions.

You can start saving with any amount 

We are pleased to introduce savings and investment solutions

Investment savingsTB

  • save as it suits you, but on a regular basis
  • invest and pay no fees
  • you can start saving with any amount

You can open your saving account by phone using our DIALOG Live service and leaving your contact details by calling *1100, or in person at a branch or, which is even easier, directly through your Internet bankingTB.

Leave your phone number and we will contact you.


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