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Use the loan money to repay existing loans while at least one of the existing loans must be a mortgage. You can get lower interest, lower installment, and extra money.

Clients who opt for 3-year fixation receive an interest rate from 0.85 % per year. Now with a 100 % discount on the loan fee and reimbursement of the early repayment of the loan in another real estate bank

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Representative example:
With a loan of  EUR,  % p. a. interest rate, maturity period in months / payments and single charge of  EUR for loan provision, single charge of  EUR for real property appraisal, single charge of  EUR for the Land Register and monthly insurance premium of  EUR for real property insurance represents the annual percentage rate of  % with monthly loan payment of  EUR. The total amount to be paid by the client represents  EUR while calculation of interests is based on an assumption that all months have 30 days and a calendar year has 360 days.

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* Fixation period is the period during which the bank does not unilaterally change the interest rate. If you are interested in fixing the interest rate for the entire maturity of the loan, please contact DIALOG Live *1100.

This calculation is only informative. The amount of charges for property assessment, Land Register proceedings and insurance premium was determined from available data as the most frequently selected option of our clients.

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