Visa Gold Private credit card

Credit card with a limited edition design devoted to writer Rudolf Sloboda now brings summer bonus up to 30 EUR.

A free gold credit card with a convenient loan

100% discount on the fee with the Reward ProgramTB

Visa Gold – a credit card with a 51-day interest-free period

Interest-free period for up to 51 days

Use your credit card to enter an airport lounge

Free entry to airport lounges

Online management of your financial reserve

Innovative payment via a mobile phone via MobilePayTB

Limited edition

Rudolf Sloboda is a renowned Slovak writer, author of novels, books of short stories, books for children and several movie screenplays. He was awarded for his lifetime achievement as one of the first winners of the Tatra banka Foundation Award in 1996 and Pribina Cross I. Class in memoriam by Slovak president Andrej Kiska in 2018.

We are proud that Tatra banka brings you a limited edition of the credit card devoted to this significant writer this year when Rudolf Sloboda would be 80 years old.

Moreover, you can get a summer bonus of EUR 30 to the new credit card now. Just make transactions amounting to EUR 300 until 31 August 2018 with your card*.

* The volume of payments in the amount of EUR 300 can be achieved by making a single payment or cumulatively while the credit of EUR 30 will be credited to the account maintained with your card after the end of the campaign on 31 August 2018. The offer relates to payments cleared until 31 August 2018.


My Benefit

My Benefit is a programme which helps you get attractive discounts with selected vendors:

  • The offer of discounts is available in your MobilePayTB application in card detail, section My Benefit
  • To get a discount, just click on the offer and activate it
  • After you activate the offer,  just pay the whole sum by using your credit card with the selected vendor (applies to payment by both MobilePayTB application and plastic card)
  • Overview of all savings is available in MobilePayTB application
  • You get savings with your main and additional cards for payments with vendors you select 
  • The overall sum you save will be credited until the 15th day of the following month to your credit card account.

Frequently asked questions: 

Benefits of a Visa Gold credit card

Limited credit card edition will reward you

If you make payments totalling EUR 300 with your new credit card until 31 August 2018, you will get a bonus of up to EUR 30.


  • Payments amounting to EUR 300 can be made both as one-time payments or cumulatively 
  • The sum of EUR 300 include transactions executed by both main and additional cards
  • Payments must be cleared until 31 August 2018 
  • The sum of EUR 300 does not include credit card payment orders and ATM cash withdrawals
  • Credit of EUR 30 will be credited to the card account after the campaign ends, i.e. after 31 August 2018

Enjoy all the exclusive benefits offered by this premium credit card:

  • The Reward ProgramTB will guarantee an attractive discounted fee. For charges of €500 or more you get a 50% discount on the monthly fee and for charges of €1,000 or more a 100% discount on the credit card’s monthly fee.

  • A special assistant on the road will give you a feeling of maximum comfort. Book flight tickets, a hotel room, a gourmet dinner or a rental car with this card simply and quickly. The card is accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide and at the beginning of each foreign trip you can enjoy free entry to the premium JET Lounge and SKY Lounge at the Vienna airport.

  • Unique and comprehensive travel insurance will particularly please those who want to travel without worries on holidays, business trips or for shopping abroad. Insurance by UNIQA, offered with a card, costs only €30 a year and is valid worldwide for each trip lasting up to 90 days. The good news is that it does not cover just you, but also your fellow travelers.*

  • Limit Alert allows you to set your own limit of monthly drawdown of funds on your credit card. After you reach this limit, we will notify you via b-mail.

*Spouse or partner of the cardholder up to 65 years old and children of the cardholder up to 18 years old, if traveling together with the cardholder.

  • Flexible repayments. You decide how much of the borrowed amount, in addition to the minimum instalment, you want to pay and in what form: direct debit, payment order or a cash deposit.

  • An e-statement to your e-mail address will provide you with a regular overview. You decide if you want a printed version, or an electronic PDF version.

  • A payment order will allow you to pay invoices or transfer funds to your account with Tatra banka or an account with any other bank in Slovakia simply and conveniently.

 Financna rezerva na zlatej karte


High credit limit with a low or zero monthly feeIf you have high goals, always expect more and want to feel extraordinary wherever you are in the world, then this exclusive gold card is designed just for you.

If you have high goals, always expect more and want to feel extraordinary wherever you are in the world, then this exclusive gold card is designed just for you.

Visa Gold never limits you.

The card is accepted worldwide.

  • Total credit limit €3,000 – €15,000

  • Interest rate 14.9% p.a.

  • Interest-free period for up to 51 days

  • Minimum instalment 5% of the amount owed (at least €15)

  • Monthly card fee €8/+ €30 per annum for travel insurance

  • A card for your relative with a monthly fee of €1.50/+ €30 per annum for travel insurance

  • Unique optional travel insurance worldwide for the cardholder and all fellow traveling family members*

*A spouse or partner of the cardholder up to 65 years old and children of the cardholder up to 18 years old, if traveling together with the cardholder.

Who is the card for?

To give you a gold card, we just need one important detail, depending on whether you are:

  • an employee – proof of your solvency and continued employment for the last three months. It is important that your employer confirms the employment,

  • a natural person – entrepreneur – proof of your trade license in the Slovak Republic valid for the last two years. You must also prove your solvency by submitting proof of your income from business activities for the previous year confirmed by the competent authorities.

A card for your relative

When you hold a gold credit card, you can also apply for an additional private credit card for your relative.

To issue the card, Tatra banka will need:

  • consent of the total credit limit holder, who will define the credit limit for the additional card,

  • the age of the future additional cardholder (at least 15 years old).

Free credit card as part of the Reward Program

To get a credit card, you are not required to have an account with Tatra banka.

The Visa Gold Private card is an ideal choice for demanding travelers who like comfort.

Relax before your flight in a premium airport lounge and enjoy traveling around the world without worry with our comprehensive travel insurance.

The card is designed for individuals with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic from the age of 18 on the application date.

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