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Visa Gold Private credit card

Enjoy streaming on us
Are you a fan of good series, movies, music or podcasts? Enjoy watching or listening to them and get up to 60 EUR back.

Apply for a credit card by 31. 10. 2022, pay for your chosen streaming service and you can get up to 60 EUR back in your account.

The conditions for the payment of the benefit are specified in the Public Promise (available in Slovak).

I am interested in a credit card

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Attractive discounts at merchants thanks to My Benefit

Attractive discounts at merchants thanks to My Benefit

5 % birthday cashback (max. 30 EUR)

5 % birthday cashback (max. 50 EUR)

The best credit card with a convenient loan possibility and a favorable interest rate with the reward program

100 % discount on the service charge with the Reward programTB

Visa Gold – a credit card with a 51-day interest-free period

Interest-free period for up to 51 days

Benefits of a Visa Gold Private credit card

Enjoy all the exclusive benefits offered by this premium credit card:

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High credit limit with a low or zero monthly feeTreat yourself to the feeling of exclusivity that belongs to you

With a gold credit card, you get premium airport lounges*, innovative mobile payment options (on Android devices) and only the best service.

*For up-to-date information on airport lounges, visit the Vienna International Airport website.

If you have high goals, always expect more and want to feel extraordinary wherever you are in the world, then this exclusive gold card is designed just for you.

Visa Gold never limits you.
The card is accepted worldwide.

  • Total credit limit 3,000 – 15,000 EUR
  • Interest rate 14.9 % p. a.
  • Interest-free period for up to 51 days
  • Minimum instalment 5 % of the amount owed (at least 15 EUR)
  • Monthly card fee 8 EUR
  • A card for your relative with a monthly fee of 1.50 EUR
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Credit card visual

The author of the work depicted on the card, Milota Havránková, is one of the most significant personalities of Slovak art photography. The photo was dedicated to the Slovak poet Andrej Sládkovič, who dreamed of a woman he loved but lived with another. It portrays the illusion of a soft pillow in which one can plunge. Thus Sládkovič dreamed of his beloved.

Learn more about credit card visuals and artists themselves at ManifestTB

Who is the card for?

The Visa Gold Private credit card is intended for persons resident in the Slovak Republic from the age of 18 on the day of application. 

To successfully issue a gold credit card, we only need to get a few important data from you, which varies depending on whether you are:

  • an employee – proof of your solvency and continued employment for the last 3 months. It is important that your employer confirms the employment,
  • self-employed or enterpreneur – entrepreneur – proof of your trade license in the Slovak Republic valid for the last 2 years. You must also prove your solvency by submitting proof of your income from business activities for the previous year confirmed by the competent authorities.

A card for your relative

As a gold credit card holder, you can also apply for an additional private credit card for your relatives.

To issue the card, Tatra banka will need:

  • consent of the total credit limit holder, who will define the credit limit for the additional card,
  • the age of the future additional cardholder (at least 15 years old).
Free credit card as part of the Reward Program

To get a credit card, you are not required to have an account with Tatra banka.

Treat yourself to traveling comfort

The Visa Gold Private credit card is an ideal choice for discerning travelers who enjoy comfort.

Relax before flying at one of the premium airport lounges and enjoy traveling around the world without worrying with our comprehensive travel insurance.

The Visa Gold credit card is intended for persons with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic from the age of 18 on the day of application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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