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My Benefit

Earn with a credit card and the My Benefit service, which brings you attractive discounts at selected merchants in the form of cashback, discount coupons and gifts.

Apply for a credit card from Tatra banka, download the Tatra banka application and use all the benefits of loyalty program My Benefit.

We will not limit you in earning money. Therefore, your savings will grow without limitations.


My Benefit loyalty program applies to new as well as existing credit cards. It is designed for all main private credit cards:

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Discount offer

You can find the current offer of discounts in the Tatra banka application in the Credit card details, in the Benefits section.

To get the discount:

  • of the cashback type, you need to activate the offers you want to use,
  • of the coupon type, the coupon must be displayed and used at the merchant,
  • of the gift type, it is necessary to collect a sufficient number of points, then display and use at the merchant,
  • open the Tatra banka mobile application and click on the Benefits tab in the credit card details,
  • choose the My Benefit functionality,
  • then a list of all the offers available to you will be loaded,
  • click the "Activate/Redeem" button to select the ones you want to use.

You can find the current offer of discounts in the Tatra banka application in the My Benefit section 

To activate the My Benefit program, you only need to give your consent the first time it starts. We will ask you for this consent when you first open My Benefit. If you use My Benefit on a debit card issued for the Account for blue planetTB, you have already agreed to the terms.


In the period between activation and expiration of the discount, you can use the discount at the merchant repeatedly, without the need to reactivate it.

After activating the cashback offer, all you have to do is pay for the purchase with a credit card.

  • You can make the payment through the Tatra banka mobile application, but also with a plastic card.
  • You pay the standard price at the merchant, the savings will be returned to you in the form of a credit to your account.
  • You get savings for payments with the main credit card, but also with additional cards.

You can activate any number of cashback discounts.

In order to receive a discount such as a coupon or a gift, it is necessary to use the code generated under the given offer at the merchant.

  • After applying a discount code or gift, you will immediately reduce the price.
  • You can pay with a plastic card, mobile phone or watch via Google Pay or Apple Pay or by generating one-time internet payments in the Tatra banka application.

In order to receive a discount such as a coupon or a gift, it is necessary to use the code generated under the given offer at the merchant.

The form of offer

The offers can be applied in the shops as well as e-shop. In case the offer is limited in any way, you will be notified about it immediately after activating the discount.

Potential limitations:

  • To be used only in selected branches
  • To be used only in e-shop
  • Maximum amount of saving
  • Minimum amount of order

Some discounts may be used only “via link”:

  • discount may be applied by ordering the service or the product by clicking on the link in the Tatra banka application in My Benefit section
  • after clicking on the discount, you will get its detailed description together with the terms of use
  • at the bottom of the screen you need to click on “To eshop”
  • the saving will be accepted only with the order made through the link 

Služba My Benefit vám umožňuje kontrolovať si, koľko ste za nákup ušetrili.

My savings

My Benefit service allows you to control how much you've saved in your purchase thanks to cashback. You can find your savings in “My savings” section.

  • Your bonuses will be shown in the application approximately 3 days after transaction settlement.

The total amount of savings acquired during the month will be credited to your card account not later than on the 15th day of the following month.

In case you don't see the saving in the application, contact DIALOG Live.

  • When applying the discounts with the “via link” condition you also need to report the order number.

The Loyalty program My Benefit is available in Tatra banka application for Android and iOS operating systems.

Read the Terms and Conditions of the My Benefit discount program (available in Slovak).

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