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MortgageTB for a house, apartment and building plot

Get an interest rate starting at 4.29 % p. a. with a 5-year fixation with Reward programTB Mortgage.

Mortgage loan calculator

Requested loan



Fixation Interest rate from Monthly payment from:

Representative example:
For a  EUR loan with an interest rate of  % p. a., with a maturity period in months/number of installments (the repayment period is shorter than required because a legal assumption was used to calculate the APR) and with a one-time fee for the loan in the amount of  EUR, a one-time fee for the valuation of the property in the amount of  EUR, a one-time cadastre fee  EUR, a monthly insurance premium for the mortgage repayment insurance of  EUR, a monthly charge for the Account for blue planetTB of  EUR and an annual insurance premium for real estate insurance in the amount of  EUR represents annual percentage rate of costs  % for a monthly loan installment  EUR (the amount of the last installment of the loan is  EUR). The total amount to be paid by the client is  EUR, while the calculation of interest is based on the assumption that all months of the year have 30 days and a calendar year has 360 days.

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* The fixation period is the period during which the bank does not unilaterally change the interest rate. If you are interested in fixing the interest rate for the entire maturity of the loan, you can contact DIALOG Live * 1100.


Offer for you

Loan amount Interest rate Monthly payment I'm interested

* The fixation period is the period during which the bank does not unilaterally change the interest rate. If you are interested in fixing the interest rate for the entire maturity of the loan, you can contact DIALOG Live * 1100.


Get an interest rate discount of up to 0.2 % p. a. with the Reward programTB Mortgage

The more products you choose from our offer, the lower your mortgage interest rate will be, if you also meet the other conditions.

Detailed information can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the Reward programTB Mortgage.

Highest discount

I use
2 other products

Discount 0.2 % p. a.
from the interest rate

Easy discount

I use
1 other product

Discount 0.1 % p. a.
from the interest rate

I don't use any
other product

interest rate

By using these products, you will reduce the interest rate on the MortgageTB.

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How does it work?

The bank evaluates the fulfillment of the conditions for granting the benefit:

  • 3 complete calendar months preceding the day of submitting the application for the provision of the loan or its first partial drawdown and subsequently
  • the first complete 3 calendar months after the provision of the loan or its first partial drawdown and then every subsequent 3 calendar months.
  • If the conditions are not met in the monitored period, the interest rate will be applied without the relevant discount. If the conditions for granting a discount are met in the next monitored period, the discount will be granted again.
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Get a 100 % discount on the loan fee* with Mortgage for blue planetTB


All you have to do is submit to us the following for the financed real estate when applying for a loan:

  • energy certificate or
  • thermal and technical assessment.

We accept class A0, A1, B.


*The discount does not apply to the following parts of the loan fee: appraisal of the apartment or real estate and delivery of the proposal for the deposit of the lien contract on the real estate to the relevant district office.

Apply for the Mortgage for blue planetTB and get a 100 % discount on the loan fee

Frequently asked questions about energy certificates

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Mortgage guide

Fulfilling your dream of a new home can be easier than you thought. Read these six simple steps in our Mortgage Loan Guide and see for yourself.


The first step to get a mortgage (home loan) is a consultation. You can choose:

  • an online meeting via our DIALOG Live service on the telephone number *1100 or
  • a personal visit to a Tatra banka branch.

You will get a non-binding loan offer yet on the first meeting. The offer lasts 30 days during which you can decide on the next step.


If loan parameters and conditions suit you, submit a loan application to a mortgage loan banker.

Documents you will need to submit the loan application:

  • documents proving identity of the applicants 
  • documents proving income of the applicants (e.g. in case of income from business or income from abroad)
  • documents related to the loan purpose (e.g. purchase contract, building permit or itemized budget for construction (these documents are not required for Home equity loanTB)
  • documents related to the mortgaged property (especially an expert opinion)

As regards the expert opinion, it is required to bring 1 original document. It must not be older than one year (the bank accepts an older expert opinion in case of a refinancing loan – however, it must not be older than 7 years).

Tip: We will arrange an expert for you

If you are putting an apartment under mortgage, have it assessed via Tatra banka. The assessment will be arranged for EUR 150 (for one property, while the bank arranges the assessment only in case it´s not a financed property in case of a loan with the purpose of acquisition).

Approval Process

The approval process of a loan application is made on an individual basis and the result depends on several factors. The process takes into consideration your ability to repay the loan, as well as the value of the mortgaged property.

Tip: Track the status of your application

Activate the Tatra banka mobile application and track the status of processing of your mortgage application online in the product detail.

The mortgage banker will notify you of the result. If you are a Tatra banka client and have activated the Tatra banka mobile application, you will also receive a push notification.

After the loan is approved, we will prepare the contract documents you will be able to go through before signing.

The terms and conditions set out in the contract draft are guaranteed for 30 days.

Signing the Contract

You have several options how to sign the loan contract:

  • at any Tatra banka branch free of charge,
  • in front of a notary with charge,
  • at the registry office with charge.

Even if you choose to sign the loan contract in front of a notary or at the registry office, you will always need to bring the contract back to the branch.
The mortgage loan banker will check the document and provide signature for the bank.


All you need to draw a loan is:

  • to visit the cadastral department of the relevant district office where you will submit all the required documents and pay the charge for the application for entry of mortgage, one original of the application for entry of mortgage (must be confirmed by the Land Register),
  • to provide insurance of the mortgage property, which is obligatory for the case of a mortgage loan and bring to the bank the form Confirmation of receipt of the notification of lien creation certified by the insurance company,
  • to meet other individual conditions for loan drawing set out in the loan contract and ask for loan drawing at the bank.

Documents required for the Land Register:

  • 2x application for entry of mortgage 
  • 2x mortgage contract
  • Copy of power of attorney for the bank 
  • Other documents defined as attachment in the Application for Entry of Mortgage 

During the period when you gradually draw your mortgage, you only pay the bank interests on the drawn portion.

After you have finished the entire loan, you will start paying a monthly annuity payment, which consists of interest and principal.

Tip: Save your time

Let us visit the Land Register for you. The service is charged in the sum of EUR 30 (for one visit to the Land Register).

We can also help you with insurance. We can arrange property insurance from UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., branch of an insurance company from another member state, directly in our office or by telephone via DIALOG Live service.


Do not forget the terms and conditions after drawing up the loan. You can find exactly what needs to be delivered to the bank in the list of documents included in your loan documentation.

You will repay your loan in monthly annuity instalments. Your instalment will remain the same throughout the entire fixation period.

You can request some changes during the repayment process, such as for example:

  • change of instalment day 
  • change of repayment account 
  • change of interest rate fixation period 
  • change of the initially mortgaged property for another
  • change of co-borrower

You also have the option to make extra payments.

Tip: Ask for changes online

Download the Tatra banka mobile application to your mobile and ask for a change of the instalment day, change of the repayment account or change of the interest rate fixation period comfortably online.


Download the guide

Online loan changes

It is now possible to apply for selected changes online from the comfort of your home in Internet bankingTB or the Tatra banka mobile application in the Loans section. You can request to change the repayment date, change the repayment account, or change the amount of the interest rate and the period of its fixation (possible only if you received a Notice of the new terms of your loan).

Tax bonus

You claim the tax bonus at the relevant tax office as part of your tax return.
You can pick up the confirmation for the tax office in person at any branch of Tatra banka.

For the tax period of 2023, you can apply for a tax bonus if you simultaneously meet the conditions set by law for individual tax bonuses.

For 2023, you can only claim one of the tax bonuses below, even if you qualify for both. You can ask the bank to issue both certificates and then decide which certificate to submit to the Tax Office.

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Frequently asked questions

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