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MortgageTB for a family house, apartment
also building land

Get an interest rate from 2.59 % p. a. with 1 year fixation.

Mortgage for blue planetTB

Apply for the Mortgage for blue planetTB and get a 100 % discount on the loan fee.*

Mortgage for blue planet

How to get the discount:

All you have to do is submit to us the following for the financed property:

  • energy certificate or
  • thermal and technical assessment.

We accept class A0, A1, B.


*The discount does not apply to the following parts of the loan fee: appraisal of the apartment or real estate and delivery of the proposal for the deposit of the lien contract on the real estate to the relevant district office.

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Frequently asked questions about energy certificates

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MortgageTB benefits

Tailor-made mortgage with regard to individual solutions.
Our mortgage bankers will help you with the entire process of arranging a mortgage and you will receive the final loan offer at the first meeting.

  • Loan up to 80 % of the security value.
  • Rate from 2.59 % p. a. with 1 year fixation.
  • A comprehensive mortgage solution, which also includes:
    • online processing of selected changes,
    • credit card,
    • preferential co-financing of the purchase price.

The amount of the mortgage loan and the interest rate will be determined by the bank after assessing the specific loan case, taking into account the client's ability to repay the loan, the share of the total debt to income and the loan security offered.

Mortgage loanTB calculator

Requested Loan



Fixation Interest rate from Monthly payment from:

Representative example:
With a loan of  EUR,  % p. a. interest rate, maturity period in months / payments and single charge of  EUR for loan provision, single charge of  EUR for real property appraisal, single charge of  EUR for the Land Register and yearly insurance premium of  EUR for real property insurance represents the annual percentage rate of  % with monthly loan payment of  EUR. (The amount of the last monthly payment is 345,31 EUR). The total amount to be paid by the client represents  EUR while calculation of interests is based on an assumption that all months have 30 days and a calendar year has 360 days.

Need more information about the Mortgage Loan?
Leave us your phone number and we will call you.


* The fixation period is the period during which the bank does not unilaterally change the interest rate. If you are interested in fixing the interest rate for the entire maturity of the loan, you can contact DIALOG Live * 1100.

This calculation is only informative. The amount of charges for property assessment, Land Register proceedings and insurance premium was determined from available data as the most frequently selected option of our clients.

Offer for you

Loan amount Interest rate Monthly payment I'm interested

* The fixation period is the period during which the bank does not unilaterally change the interest rate. If you are interested in fixing the interest rate for the entire maturity of the loan, you can contact DIALOG Live * 1100.

This calculation is only informative. The amount of charges for property assessment, Land Register proceedings and insurance premium was determined from available data as the most frequently selected option of our clients.

Mortgage guide

Nechajte sa previesť sprievodcom hypotekárnym úverom Pozrite sa, ako prebieha proces hypotekárneho úveru

Guide: Mortgage LoanTB

Did you know that arranging a mortgage loan for housing is really simple? Read these five simple steps in our Mortgage Loan Guide and see for yourself.

   Download the guide 


The first step to get a Mortgage LoanTB product is consultation. Schedule a date for your meeting via the DIALOG Live *1100 or visit any of our branches. Our mortgage specialists are credit professionals and are happy to explain everything you want to know.

You will already learn about the complete offer of loan products at the first meeting and then it will be up to you to combine the financing of your new home.

Consultation conditions are valid for 30 days during which you can decide what to do next.

Schedule a meeting


Filing a loan application

If you have chosen a Mortgage LoanTB, after submitting all the required documents you will file your loan application to one of our mortgage specialists. If you apply for a loan with a co-borrower, the co-borrower does not have to be present when filing the application, provided the co-borrower signed the applicable approvals during the consultation.


Which documents will you need for an application?

  • your proof of identity
  • your evidence of income (for example income from a business or income from abroad)
  • proof of loan purpose (in the event of special-purpose loans – e.g. purchase agreement, building permit or an itemized budget)
  • documents for pledged property (namely appraisal)

If you are creating a lien on a flat, you could have it valued through Tatra banka – we will provide an expert apartment evaluation within 24 hours for 150 EUR per property.

You can also use the services of an expert of your own choice and submit one original copy of the appraisal. It cannot be older than one year (in the event of a refinance loan, we also accept an older appraisal but not more than five-years old).


Approval of your application

In addition to evaluating your ability to repay a loan and credit-worthiness, the approval of the loan application also includes verification of the appraisal. Our mortgage specialist will notify you of the outcome of the loan approval process. After the approval, we will prepare your contract documents. The bank guarantees the conditions laid out in the draft loan agreement for 30 days. When signing the loan agreement, our mortgage specialist will explain what steps you must take for loan disbursement.


Options to sign an agreement

You have several options to sign an agreement:

  • in a Tatra banka branch free of charge,
  • before a notary for a fee,
  • at a registry office for a fee,

Loan disbursement

To get the loan, you only need the following:

  • visit the cadastral department at the relevant district office where you will submit the following documents:
    • Two copies of the application to record a lien,
    • Two copies of the contract for lien,
    • a copy of the power of attorney for the bank,
    • any other documents specified in an annex to the contract for lien,
  • submit to the bank one original application to record a lien specifying the date of its filing at the land registry,
  • arrange property insurance, which is compulsory for a mortgage loan, and have your insurance company confirm with the form Confirmation of receipt of the notification on origination of a lien. You can choose any insurance company.
  • meet other individual conditions for loan disbursement specified for your loan agreement,
  • ask the bank to disburse the loan.

Loan life

Conditions following disbursement and loan changes

Also keep in mind the conditions after loan disbursement. The documents to be submitted to the bank are specified not only in the loan agreement but also in the list of documents that form part of the loan documents.


Loan changes

You will repay your loan in monthly instalments. During the fixed-rate period, your instalment will remain unchanged. During the repayment period, you can, for example:

  • make extraordinary instalments,
  • ask for a replacement of the original pledged property with a different property,
  • ask for a change of the co-borrower,
  • ask to postpone instalments.

Fixed interest rate

Use Internet bankingTB or the Tatra banka mobile app and you can have your loan under control.

You can negotiate your fixed interest rate for a specified period of years. During that period your interest rate will not change. At least two months before the end of the fixed interest rate period we will contact you in writing and let you know the new interest rate and the new fixed interest rate period. You can decide, whether you:

  • accept the new interest rate and the fixed-rate period,
  • accept the offer to extend or shorten the fixed-rate period and the related interest rate.

Schedule a meeting

Tax bonus

With the MortgageTB concluded from 1 January 2018, you can get a tax bonus of up to 400 EUR.

What are the conditions for entitlement to a tax bonus?

  • The tax bonus applies to half of the interest paid on one loan per year, up to a maximum of 400 EUR.
  • You can claim it for 5 years.

What do you have to meet to qualify for the tax bonus?

  • Age limit - age up to 35 years (also applies to the co-debtor).
  • Income Amount - Your average gross monthly earnings for the previous calendar year may not exceed the statutory amount.

The tax bonus can be claimed for the purchase of an apartment, family house or part thereof, for the construction or completion of real estate, as well as for the change or maintenance of real estate or a combination of these purposes.

The length of the loan repayment is from 5 to 30 years.

hypotekarne uvery
Tip for you:

You are entitled to the tax bonus at the relevant tax office as part of the tax return. You can pick up the confirmation for the tax office in person at any Tatra banka branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

General loan information

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Documents for mortgage process

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Expert testimony

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Early repayment

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I already have a loan

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