Supplementary Pension Saving

Rely on yourself and ensure a high standard during your retirement. You can safeguard your standard of living and quality of life after retirement with supplementary pension saving from Tatra banka.

Pension saving with SPS from Tatra banka

A higher pension with the Comfort lifeTB strategy

Obtain a contribution for SPS from your employer

Contribution from the employer

Tax relief thanks to SPS in the form of deduction of €180 from your tax base

Tax relief

Online monitoring of the pension saving status and transactions

Access to SPS also via Internet BankingTB and mobile

SPS benefits


Secure a comfortable and trouble-free pension with our flexible supplementary pension saving program and the benefits it brings to you:

  • ability to save for a higher pension through the Comfort lifeTB strategy,

  • possibility of faster saving of funds for a better pension through a contribution from your employer,

  • tax relief with SPS – an option to deduct your own contributions up to €180 from your tax base, thus saving €34.20 every year thanks to the tax relief,

  • the saved funds remain personal property of the saver and may be inherited,

  • when reaching the entitlement age for a supplementary pension, up to 25 % of the saved sum may be withdrawn as a one-time payment,

  • possibility to change the contribution amount, frequency and way of payment anytime or to interrupt the savings without any charges.

Start saving today

Already today you are determining the amount of your future pension

Are you able to survive from month to month with less than half of the average wage in the Slovak Republic, as most current pensioners do?

A pension from the Social Insurance provider will not guarantee a high-standard retirement and you high quality of life. It is easier to rely on yourself and start saving during your working years.

Average pension compared to avergae wage in Slovakia is decreasing

Newly-granted pensions in general do not guarantee an ideal and peaceful retirement

A supplementary pension from SPS is necessary to reduce the negative impact of a poor pension compared to the amount of income before retirement.

Why is it important to start to save for your pension as soon as possible?

If you start with your saving plan in reasonable amounts before age 30 you have a real chance to fund a quite good supplementary pension. If you postpone savings by 10 years under the same conditions, your pension from the 3rd pillar will be approximately half.

Postponing your saving plan by each year will lead to a reduction of the total sum of savings by an average of 7 %. The earlier you start to think about your pension, the higher it will be*.

Save for your pension in SPS from 30 years of age and increase your pension by up to €300

*Calculation of the sum of savings is based on anticipated yield of 3.5% p. a. and an increase in the contribution by 2% per year; the pension will be paid for 10 years before taxation. The graph shows that postponing your saving plan by one year will lead to a reduction of the total sum of savings by 7%. This percentage varies based on the period of saving from 5% to 10% per year.

Significant information concerning the 1st pillar:

  • The significance of wage growth is gradually decreasing and the impact of inflation on pension valorization is increasing,

  • A real increase in retirement pensions in the 1st pillar is low,

  • From 2017 the normal pension age will increase based on life expectancy,

  • The pension system will have more solidarity, which means that people with higher incomes (1.25 multiple of the average wage) will pay more in levies but will not receive an accordingly higher pension.

Comfort lifeTB

The concept of Comfort lifeTB is based on saving in a single fund from the beginning until the end of one’s retirement saving.

It brings you absolute comfort in pension saving, so you will not have to think about adjusting your pension saving to correspond to your current age.

A comfortable way towards a better pension

The aim of the Comfort lifeTB funds is to attain long-term growth of a client’s savings based on his/her age.
It is important to choose the right fund in advance based on the year of your birth, which corresponds to the anticipated year of your retirement.

Why is it important to choose the right fund?

Toward the end of your saving regime when the value of your supplemental savings is most probably the highest, it will be important to maintain saving for times when financial markets do not do well.

Any decrease in the value of your savings immediately before your retirement may irrecoverably lower your future supplementary pension.

For this reason, SPS from Tatra banka has developed the innovative strategy Comfort lifeTB with pro-active care for a client’s savings.

Gradual decrease of risk

  • The correctly chosen Comfort lifeTB fund will focus on appreciation of your savings in the first years. At the beginning your funds will be mainly invested in growth assets (shares or commodities) with an emphasis on attaining significant yields.

  • As you age your funds will be automatically invested in safer, low-risk assets.

Dynamic share of assets in SPS according to the age at retirement

Qualification conditions for SPS

Visit any of our branches or call the DIALOG Live contact center and agree on the terms and conditions for saving in the Supplementary Pension Saving system.

How to start with your pension saving


  1. Visit any branch of Tatra banka or call DIALOG Live
    Find out whether your employer is willing to contribute to your supplementary pension saving. You may check it in any branch or call DIALOG Live.
  2. Ask for a calculation to learn how much you can save
    An employee of Tatra banka will make an estimate based on your data and you will gain an idea of how much you are able to save until you retire! Based on this, you can subsequently choose the amount of the monthly contribution to your saving plan. You may change the parameters of your saving plan at any time you wish.
  3. Choose the fund that suits you
    Select the fund that is designated for your age on the basis of the year of your birth. 
  4. Sign the subscription contract
    Deliver the signed contract to your employer or ask us to send it on your behalf. Then you will make sure that the agreed sum will be deducted from your wage. Or you may establish a standing order.


If you want to have a worthwhile pension it is important to start your saving plan as early as possible and in an appropriate amount. Model your future pension from the 3rd pillar by using the pension calculator.

You can open your supplementary pension saving at a branch of Tatra banka
Our tip:

You can comfortably monitor your savings via your Internet bankingTB or the Tatra banka mobile app.

SPS via IB and mobile

Effective pension saving with SPS from Tatra banka

SPS from Tatra banka provides its clients an estimate of their future pension from the 3rd pillar with annual statements.

You also can currently view the pension estimate via your Internet BankingTB and the Tatra banka mobile app.

You can also use Internet BankingTB and the mobile app for SPS even if you are not a client of Tatra banka. Just visit a branch of Tatra banka and you will obtain access to your applications immediately and free of any charge.

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