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My Doctor for your health

As the only bank in Slovakia, we bring the My Doctor service, thanks to which Slovak and foreign specialists are available to consult your diagnosis. The unique Second Medical Opinion service will provide you with expert translation of medical reports from languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Finnish, Japanese and many others, spoken by top doctors around the world.

Apply for a credit card, download Tatra banka application, and enjoy exclusive health benefits. 
My Doctor is available to all cardholders of main credit card Visa Standard, Visa Gold or Visa Platinum.

AIDA symptons diagnosis:

  • Find out the possible causes of your health problems thanks to a quick diagnosis
  • Medical chatbot based on artificial intelligence
  • Answer a few simple questions and get some informative information about your current health condition or problem.
  • The use of the benefit is unlimited

Doctor on the phone

  • Consult your doctor about your health 7 days a week from 7:00 to 19:00.
  • When communicating, use the numeric identifier specified in the Tatra banka application
  • The use of the benefit is unlimited

Consultation with a specialist

  • Plan a professional medical consultation
  • The length of the consultation is approximately 40 minutes
  • Communicate via Skype or phone
  • Benefit can be used once a calendar month

Doctor on the phone via My doctor service

Additionally for Gold and Platinum credit card:

  • Priority call to the doctor
  • Information about the nearest pharmacy
  • Information on contraindications to prescription drugs

Additionally for Platinum credit card:

  • Order a doctor for a home visit or for a child's health check
  • If necessary, your doctor will contact you on the phone to check that everything is in order

Priority order for MRI examination

  • Get a priority order for magnetic resonance imaging in one of the diagnostic centers throughout Slovakia and get an appointment within 14 working days
  • You can reduce the average waiting time for this examination by up to 4 to 5 weeks
  • A request from a doctor is required for the examination
  • The service can be used by the holder of the main credit card Visa standard, Visa gold or Visa Platinum
  • In addition, for the gold and Platinum credit card, priority order also for family members (spouse, children, parents)

Second medical opinion

  • You can consult your health condition with a foreign specialist
  • After registration, you can choose a doctor to prepare a medical report
  • You will then upload your medical records
  • Within 10 days of sending the complete documentation, you will receive an expert opinion with a diagnosis, recommendations and a treatment proposal.
  • Professional translation is part of the service
  • The benefit can be used twice a calendar year

Additionally for Gold and Platinum credit card:

  • Second medical opinion also for closest relatives*
    *spouse, children, parents

Additionally Platinum credit card:

  • consultation with a consortium of foreign specialists

Coaches and therapists

  • Consult a wide range of topics with experts in psychology, life coaching, exercise and nutrition
  • The length of the consultation is approximately 40 minutes
  • Communicate via video call or phone
  • Benefit can be used once a calendar month 

AIDA Coach

  • Benefit intended only for holders of the main Visa Platinum credit card
  • Get a personalized view of experts on your lifestyle, diet, the impact of stress on your health
  • AIDA Coach will guide you through nutritional counseling, mental health (anti-stress) to a genetic test
  • Take advantage of video calls with specialists
  • Get tips/goals and recommendations for healthy eating, improving fitness, healthy lifestyle and eliminating risk factors
  • The use of the benefit is unlimited

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