Visa Standard Private credit card

Activate the My Benefit service and earn with your credit card.

Attractive discounts at merchants thanks to My Benefit

Attractive discounts at merchants thanks to My Benefit

5 % birthday cashback (max. 30 EUR)

5 % birthday cashback (max. 30 EUR)

The best credit card with a convenient loan possibility and a favorable interest rate with the reward program

100 % discount on the service charge with the Reward ProgramTB

Visa card – a gift card with an interest-free period

Interest-free period of up to 47 days

Benefits of the credit card

Back to school! Now with 30 EUR bonus.

All you have to do is make payments with your new credit card in total amount of 300 EUR by 30.9.2019 and get a bonus of 30 EUR.

In addition, for all clients with a credit card will be from 01.08.2019 in My Benefit new merchant: Titi papiernictvo with a 3 % discount.

Terms for getting 30 EUR bonus:

  • offer is valid for new credit cards* issued from 29.7.2019 until 11.8.2019
  • transaction volume of 300 EUR can be reached by single transaction or cumulatively
  • included are all payments made by main and additional credit cards
  • payments must also be settled by 30.9.2019

*new credit card issued means the customer signed Credit card agreement

  • excluded are payment orders from credit card and ATM cash withdrawals
  • bonus of 30 EUR will be credited to card account after 1.10.2019
  • client does not qualify for bonus in case the main credit card is at the time of bonus assignment (after 1.10.2019) cancelled by bank or by customer

Fulfil your plans and dreams instantly with a credit card full of benefits:

Have your Visa financial reserve always with you
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  • Total credit limit EUR 400 – EUR 5,000
  • Interest rate 18.8 % p. a.
  • Interest-free period for up to 47 days
  • The minimum instalment is 5% of the amount owed (at least EUR 15)
  • Monthly card fee EUR 2.50 
  • Monthly additional card fee EUR 0.50
  • Optional comprehensive travel insurance for the cardholder and traveling family members*

*A spouse or partner of the cardholder up to 65 years old and children of the cardholder up to 18 years old, if traveling together with the cardholder.

A Visa standard private card gives you freedom and the opportunity to fulfil everything you want.

A credit card without the need to maintain a current account

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Who is the card for?

The Visa standard private credit card is designed for individuals with a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic from the age of 18 on the application date.

To get a card, we just need a few important details from you depending on whether you are:

  • An employee – you must submit proof of your solvency and continued employment for at least three months before filing the application for the credit card. It is important that employment is confirmed by your employer.

    Self-employed or enterpreneur – you must submit proof of your trade license in the Slovak Republic, valid for at least two years, before filing an application for the credit card. You must prove your solvency by submitting proof of your income from business activities for the previous year, confirmed by the competent authorities.

A card for your relative

With a Visa standard private credit card, you can also apply for an additional private credit card.

To issue the card, Tatra banka will need:

  • consent of the total credit limit holder, who will define the credit limit for the additional card,
  • the age of the additional future cardholder (at least 15 years old)
A payment card with credit

To get a credit card, you are not required to have an account with Tatra banka.

Frequently asked questions: 

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