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Term deposit account

Appreciate your funds safely, with certainty and a guaranteed interest rate.
The interest rate is favorable for shorter as well as longer deposit periods.

Exclusive offer of selected euro term deposits:

Duration of the deposit 6 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Interest rate p. a. (annually) 1,5 % 2,0 % 2,5 % 2,5 %
A term account for regular interest credits

Regular appreciation

Guaranteed interest rate

Guaranteed interest rate

Open a term account also online

May be also established via Internet bankingTB

Deposits are protected by the Deposit Protection Act

Deposits are protected by the Deposit Protection Act


Open a term account in Tatra banka and obtain practical benefits: 

  • more attractive appreciation of available funds
  • guaranteed interest rate during the time period of the deposit
  • overview of deposits by way of statements and Internet bankingTB service,
  • the option to quickly open a term account also via Internet bankingTB,
  • possibility to deposit money to the account at any time without the need to extend its maturity,
  • deposit protection in line with the Deposit Protection Act
  • possibility to open a term account also for a child – you must only submit his/her birth certificate.


Open a term account that suits your needs perfectly.


  • period during which the rate is guaranteed: 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months,
  • account currency: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP or CZK,
  • interest payment method: crediting your current account with Tatra banka or by crediting your deposit on the term account,
  • way of term deposit termination: one-time transfer to your current account with Tatra banka or automatic deposit renewal upon its maturity.
  • the option to specify authorized persons with access to your account.
The best term deposit from Tatra banka

Qualification conditions

You can open a term deposit at any branch of Tatra banka or via Internet Banking

You can open a term deposit via Internet bankingTB.

How to deposit funds to a term account?

  • by transfer via Internet bankingTB
  • by transfer from a personal account maintained with any bank


The interest depends on the deposit amount and the time period

  • Each deposit to the account will bear interest separately based on the interest rate applicable on the deposit date and determined according to the contractual terms; this interest rate will not be modified during the term of the contract.
  • The interest rate applicable to each deposit depends on the deposit amount and time to maturity of the basic deposit.

Interest rate guarantee

  • Begins on the date when the money is deposited and ends on the date agreed with the bank.
  • During this period you are free to deposit further amounts to the term account without extending the term account’s maturity.

Interest on maturity date

  • We will transfer the interest to your account or add it to your deposit in a term account.

With 24- and 36-month term accounts, the interest is credited annually to the deposit.



Use a modern form of deposits. Open i:deposit quickly and easily via your Internet bankingTB.

The interest depends on the deposit amount and the time period

Three steps to opening an i:deposit via your Internet bankingTB:

  1. log in via Internet bankingTB,

  2. in the Term accounts tab, click on Create i:deposit,

  3. choose the term account parameters and confirm – the funds will be transferred automatically

You can view the settings and the accrued interest amount anytime via your Internet bankingTB.


What is i:deposit?

Under the Deposit Protection Act an i:deposit is also considered as a deposit. To be specific, it is a deposit with agreed term period (1, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 months) which may be activated via Internet bankingTB.

You may deposit funds to i:deposit simply by a transfer via your Internet bankingTB.

For whom is i:deposit intended?

The service is intended for Tatra banka clients who use Internet bankingTB and wish to appreciate their savings.

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