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Term deposit account

Appreciate your funds safely, with certainty and a guaranteed interest rate.
The interest rate is favorable for shorter as well as longer deposit periods.

Exclusive offer of selected euro term deposits:

Duration of the deposit 6 months 12 months 24 months 36 months
Interest rate p. a. (annually) 1,5 % 2,0 % 2,5 % 2,5 %
A term account for regular interest credits

Regular appreciation

Guaranteed interest rate

Guaranteed interest rate

Open a term account also online

May be also established via Internet bankingTB

Deposits are protected by the Deposit Protection Act

Deposits are protected by the Deposit Protection Act


Open a term account in Tatra banka and obtain practical benefits: 

  • more attractive appreciation of available funds
  • guaranteed interest rate during the time period of the deposit
  • deposit protection in line with the Deposit Protection Act
  • overview of deposits by way of statements and Internet bankingTB service,
  • the option to quickly open a term account also via Internet bankingTB in form of i:deposit,
  • possibility to open a term account also for a child – you must only submit his/her birth certificate.


The interest depends on the deposit amount and the time period

  • Each deposit to the account will bear interest separately based on the interest rate applicable on the deposit date and determined according to the contractual terms; this interest rate will not be modified during the term of the contract.
  • The interest rate applicable to each deposit depends on the deposit amount and time to maturity of the basic deposit.

Interest on maturity date

  • We will transfer the interest to your account or add it to your deposit in a term account.

With 24- and 36-month term accounts, the interest is credited annually to the deposit.



Term deposit that you set up digitally via Internet bankingTB.

The interest depends on the deposit amount and the time period

To set up an i:deposit, you need to have active Internet bankingTB and an open current account in Tatra banka, to which the principal and interest will be transferred on the due date of the i:deposit. 

Three steps to opening an i:deposit via your Internet bankingTB:

  1. log in via Internet bankingTB,

  2. in the Term accounts tab, click on Create i:deposit,

  3. choose the term account parameters and confirm – the funds will be transferred automatically

You can view the settings and the accrued interest amount anytime via your Internet bankingTB.

Frequently asked questions

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