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Face biometricsTB

Let us introduce one of the most secure technologies for a personal identification.

What is face biometrics?

Get to know the most innovative technology for a personal identification.

Every human face contains several points that are unique to each one of us. Face biometrics utilizes exactly those points in order to perfectly identify every face with a maximum accuracy.  It will measure the distance of your eyes, cheekbones or thickness of your lips with a millimetre accuracy. It measures and evaluates 30 points on your face in total. It constitutes a cutting-edge technology based on a high-level security you can only have with Tatra banka.

How does Face biometricsTB verification work? The person is being verified through the scan of their face by looking at couple of points at the display whereby it is verified whether there is a real person or only a picture. In order to secure maximum security, the authentication also includes an ID with a photo, which is subsequently verified with the Ministry of Interior.

Try the Face Biometrics innovation right in your Tatra bank mobile app

  • Face biometrics is a cutting-edge technology based on a high-level security you can only have with Tatra banka.

Open your bank account via Face biometricsTB

Download the Tatra banka application or via the new opening an account directly on the website. Thanks to Face biometricsTB innovation your identity is quickly and safely verified, and you may open your current account with a service package Account for blue planetTB and use it for the period of 12 months free of maintenance charge. In addition, through Tatra banka application you may apply for a Consumer loanTB and draw it within 10 minutes.

Download its latest version here:

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