Optional Overdraft

The free Optional Overdraft allows you to use any financial reserve in your account with the Tatra PersonalTB service package anytime you need it.

Optional Overdraft – free reserve

Automatically, free of charge

Financial reserve with interest only on the amount overdrawn

Interest only on the amount drawn

Customizable amount of an Optional Overdraft

Adjustable amount of limit 

Loan to account without a guarantor

No guarantor needed


An Optional Overdraft in a current account with Tatra banka offers you a number of practical benefits:

  • interest charged only on the amount actually drawn for the actual period when the money has been drawn,

  • without the need to have a security or guarantor,

  • free use of the service and change of the overdraft limit,

  • Optional Overdraft up to €3,500 depending on your current account balance and payment history,

  • customizable preferred limit that can be changed via Internet BankingTB, DIALOG Live or at any Tatra banka branch.


Setting a customizable amount of an Optional Overdraft

Conditions to get this financial reserve





You can use the Optional Overdraft and financial reserve if:

  • you are a natural person 18 years or older,
  • you have an account with the Tatra PersonalTB service package,
  • your account has been denominated in euro for at least six months, 
  • no other type of overdraft facility is attached to your account,

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