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Basic Legislative Account

If you meet a criteria and do not have opened current account in any bank in Slovakia, you may Get the Basic Legislative Account from Tatra banka.

Free Basic Legislative Account with a debit card and withdrawals from TB

Debit payment card

Unlimited number of free electronic account statements

Electronic account statements

Basic Legislative Account without any limits and fees

Unlimited number of transactions

Basic Legislative Account without account maintenance and transaction fees

Basic account for the low income clients for 0 EUR

Basic information of a Basic Legislative Account

Do you have lower income and are looking for a basic bank account without fees?

  • Current account without any fees
    By opening a Basic Legislative Account, you get a current account in Euros without a minimum balance. Account maintenance is free.
  • Payment card
    With this account, you get a Visa debit card, without insurance, to make an unlimited number of payments and cash withdrawals in Euros from ATMs of Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank International AG group.
  • E-mail statement
    You can ask for an unlimited number of electronic account statements delivered to your e-mail address at a desired frequency.
  • Electronic banking
    You can monitor and manage your finances via Internet bankingTB and the Tatra banka mobile app. We also offer you the Tatra banka VIAMO app.
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
    The account also comes with an unlimited number of cash deposits and transactions in Euros at Tatra banka branches.
  • Cashless payment transactions
    Within Slovakia, you can make an unlimited number of cashless payment transactions in Euros directly at Tatra banka branches, via Internet BankingTB, the Tatra banka mobile app, VIAMO or DIALOG Live.
  • SEPA direct debit
    You can also make an unlimited number of cashless payment transactions in Euros through standing orders and SEPA direct debits within Slovakia.
Basic account without any fees

Free account qualification conditions

Tatra banka offers you a basic bank account free of charge

  • this account is available for customers 18 years and older,
  • the client is a natural person who does not act in the course of his or her own business or another business at the moment of conclusion and during performance of the agreement with the bank,
  • the client submits a written application for the basic banking product to a bank or a branch of a foreign bank,
  • the client’s net monthly income on the date of application for the basic banking product must not exceed 1.1 times the minimum wage,
  • on the application date for the basic banking product, the client has no other payment account with any bank or a branch of a foreign bank. The client may have a deposit account, a cash deposit confirmed by a passbook with any bank or a branch of a foreign bank, or receive deposits through a savings system using a payment card, or through a one-time or regular transfer of funds.

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