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B-mail notification

Do you want to track changes on your account or credit card comfortably and for free? Use our B-mail service which will deliver information to you by push notification, SMS or e-mail.

SMS notifications with your account or credit card balance

Current account or credit card information

Easy activation in Internet banking and mobile app

Easy activation

B-mail – a simple tracking of transactions on your account and credit card

Daily information

Notice of unprocessed payments

Notice of unprocessed payments

B-mail benefits

Want to have information about every move on your account or credit card? Receive regular status and transactions information with the benefits of b-mail notification:

  • it is activated simply via the mobile application Tatra banka, Internet bankingTB or DIALOG Live,
  • choice of preferred delivery method from push notifications, SMS or email,
  • it can also be used with a current account, as well as credit card.
Stay informed about the current account transactions


The b-mail service only tells you about the changes you want to see. You configure yourself what you want us to automatically inform you about.

B-mail for a current account sends you:

  • card payment information,
  • information on received and sent transactions, notification of a failed payments at a branch or via DIALOG Live or Internet bankingTB
  • everyday morning account balances.

B-mail for a credit card sends you information about:

  • regular card transactions,
  • the settlement of the amount due,
  • new card account statement,
  • your current credit card balance.

You can also set up your credit card to receive other notifications:

  • Limit Alert lets you set your monthly credit card payout limit, which will let you know when you reach it (valid for Visa Standard and Visa Gold)
  • A reminder of your due date will notify you of the upcoming maturity of a credit card if you do not have automatic payment or debit set (valid for Gold Visa card)

No notifications of transactions generated by the central banking system are sent for technical reasons. These mainly include charges, loan instalments or interest.

Eligibility conditions

B-mail is a supplementary electronic service. You can set it up via the DIALOG Live contact center, via Internet bankingTB or the Tatra banka mobile application in the Settings menu in the B-mail tab.

B-mail service is for information only.

Push notifications about account transactions

Push notifications serve to alert the user to an important event even when they are not using Tatra banka application. They appear on each device on which the app is enabled. Messages or notifications contain information about the deposit or withdrawal from the account, the amount and the currency of the transaction, and the last 4 digits of the account number.

Advantages of push notifications about current account transactions

  • They allow you to click directly into the app to get more detailed information about the transaction
  • You do not have to delete them as SMS because they are not stored on your mobile device
  • Changing the way you are receiving messages from SMS to push notifications is easy

You can set up push notifications on your bank account transactions via Internet bankingTB and Tatra banka mobile app. In both applications, open the menu after signing in and select the B-mail tab in Settings. Select PUSH notification as a way to deliver a message. 


Watch the video tutorial on how to set push notification in the Tatra banka mobile app:

SMS message structure

Current balance (BALANCE)

Balance at a given moment, to/from which:

  • Optional Overdraft has not been credited,
  • blocked amounts (payments made by a payment card) have not been debited,
  • items cleared in advance with a date beyond the current date have not been credited or debited (e.g. payments from abroad).

Available balance (AVAIL)

Balance at a given moment, to/from which:

  • Optional Overdraft has been credited,
  • blocked amounts (payments made by a payment card) have been debited,
  • items cleared in advance with a date beyond the current date have been credited or debited (e.g. payment from abroad).

Payment orders will be executed up to the amount of available balance.

Most frequent transaction information:

Card payment
4405*******1111 dom nakup aut

Payment via Internet bankingTB
CCINT 1100/000000-2622222222

ATM withdrawal
4405*******1111 dom vyber aut

Execution of a standing order
CSO 1100/000000-2622222222

Direct debit
CCTB 1100/0000000-2622222222

Look at the sms message structure used by b-mail 

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