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Premium bankingTB for premium clients

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we adapt the world of premium services to your needs.

You know best what suits you, we will give you a choice.

Taking care of you and your finances can take many forms and we don't want to limit you. While some like to consult their personal banker in the branch only for financial questions, others prefer to handle everything over the phone. For some, flexibility and time efficiency are more important, they don't need to solve everything with just one personal banker.

Forms of care

Get to know the different forms of care that you can choose from according to your own needs and expectations.

NEW: Premium care in any branch

We will provide you with premium services flexibly in any branch or by phone. You no longer have to commit to one assigned personal banker.

  • Telephone or personal advice and service
  • Requests will be processed by any personal banker on the Premium banking line
  • The possibility of solving specific requirements in the branch of your choice

Personal banker in the branch

Services based on a confidential relationship and personal meetings.

  • Personal advice and service at your chosen branch
  • Personal banker and branch of your choice
  • Also available by phone

Personal banker on the phone

Services based on a confidential relationship and telephone or online meetings.

  • Telephone advice and service
  • Personal banker of your choice without face-to-face meetings
  • The possibility of solving requirements in the comfort of home

New: Premium care in every branch

We bring you the flexibility to meet your changing needs. You can find it in Slovakia only here at Tatra banka.

  • We will provide you with premium services on the Premium banking line and at the same time in any branch in Slovakia, depending on where it suits you best.

You no longer have to handle everything with just one assigned personal banker.

Just call DIALOG Live *1100 and we will automatically connect you to the Premium banking line.

  • Advice and service provided by personal bankers at a high professional and professional level.
  • Handling the request from start to finish by phone, online or in the selected branch.
  • The possibility of booking an exact date for a personal meeting in the branch of your choice.

If you travel often, you can choose any branch in Slovakia depending on where you are currently located.

Tip for you

Did you like the services of a personal banker?
You can always make an appointment only with him.

How to choose a suitable form of care?

You can make the selection easily in the Tatra banka mobile application or in your Internet bankingTB.

Your current personal banker will be happy to answer questions about the care form and help you set up the change.

Frequently asked questions

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