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Tatra banka

19.6.2018 04:28

Premium Banking

Do you want to make your visions and plans work? Are you looking for
something special? Something that would precisely suit your needs?

We will help you meet your expectations. Premium Banking will safely fulfil
your financial objectives, and save your time for more pleasant activities -
such as spending time with your family.

  • comprehensive professional consultancy
  • extra individual care
  • your personal banker

We offer Premium Banking as a premium personalised service with the aim to provide such
financial solutions that will protect you and appreciate your assets. Our priority is your financial independence.

Professional and competent consultancy provided as a part of Premium Banking is customised to your specific needs.
Get your luxury with your personal banker.

The personal banker is a personal financial advisor thoroughly acquainted with your portfolio details, your objectives, and how they will be achieved. He/she will become your partner, and set the financial mechanisms to work in your favour.

Your personal banker will always ensure the protection and growth of your assets, leaving you time for more fulfilling and enjoyable activities.