Three worlds Three worlds

We are moving the boundaries of banking, where art, education and technology come together to create a new, intelligent future.



Art inspires us
and makes the world more beautiful.



Education brings wisdom,
thanks to which we grow.



Technology and innovation
 simplify our lives.

We are a bank that loves innovation and proudly supports art and education. We connect these 3 worlds because we believe that beauty, wisdom and technology will create the world we want to live in and which we want for future generations.

At the beginning there is always a brand that is defined by its promise. A unique idea that drives the meaning of business. The basic and strongest added value to which we are committed and which we want to convey to our clients.

Tatra banka is aware that it is part of the whole society and can influence and shape it. Therefore, he does not limit his existence to business success, but feels a responsibility to share his success and return it to society.

"We have been striving for a long time to ensure that our contribution to the company exceeds the boundaries of the banking business. Art and education, together with our digital essence, are becoming an integrated meaning of our existence. We believe that in this triad, we can help make the world we live in better and more cultured.”

Michal Liday, generálny riaditeľ a predseda dozornej rady Tatra banky

Michal Liday, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Tatra banka

“Successful and mature brands balance the hemispheres they use to act and create. Just like a perfect human brain works. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, analytics, thinking, rationality and control. The real one is responsible for creativity, emotions, intuition. The left hemisphere of our company consists of innovations and digital solutions. Our right hemisphere is defined by the long-term connection of our brand with the topics of education and art. We connect the innovative personality of Tatra banka with the topics that define us and are close to the world of our clients. We have the support of art, education and technology in our DNA, we feel it very naturally. We would like to co-create a company that is not only business-friendly but also valuable in terms of value.”

Milada Halová, riaditeľka odboru brand managementu značiek Tatra banka a Raiffeisen banka

Milada Halová, Director of the Brand Management Department of Tatra banka and Raiffeisen bank

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