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Guidelines for Ethical Marketing in RBI Group

Tatra banka, as a member of the international banking RBI Group, strictly follows the ethical standards of marketing communications, approved in the Group. 

These standards, based on the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice, are stipulated in the Guidelines for Ethical Marketing in RBI Group, and all units of RBI Group confirm to act according to these guidelines in their marketing communications.

The main purpose of this document is the consolidation of the high ethical norms in marketing communications, developed in addition to effective standards of the national and international legislations. 

The guidelines are based on a number of principles being traditionally baseline for the European apprehension of a behavior of market participants. They are particularly as follows:

  • transparency
  • responsibility
  • honesty in relations with consumers and competitors
  • truthfulness
  • respect and protection of consumers’ rights and their privacy as well as protection of personal information and confidentiality
  • social responsibility
  • special care in marketing communications directed to or featuring children or young people
  • care for ecology and environmental protection
  • corporate identity
  • other.

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