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We support

As part of its sponsorship activities, as well as grant programs and the cooperation of its own foundation (Tatra banka Foundation), Tatra banka supports areas with a large amount of talent, talent, intellect and innovation. That is why we have been supporting Slovak artistic creation, design, university and secondary education for more than twenty years, and recently also education and development in the field of digital technologies.

The mission of the Tatra banka Foundation

Our founder is Tatra banka. A bank that loves innovation and proudly supports the arts and education. We believe that these worlds can be connected. We believe that beauty, wisdom and an intelligent future will create the world we want to live in and that we want for future generations.

The Tatra banka Foundation is a sign that we understand and fully experience the solidarity, visionary and civic dimension of our existence. Since our establishment in 2004, we have distributed 11 144 000 EUR.

In 2023, the Tatra banka Foundation supported 241 organizations and individuals in the fields of education, art and digital. For all areas together, we supported projects in the amount of more than 1 700 000 EUR.


Eva Šinková, director of the Tatra banka Foundation and strategic sponsorship
e-mail: [email protected]

Marcel Zajac, administrator of the Tatra banka Foundation | Center for Philanthropy
e-mail: [email protected]

We support the arts and education

Program strategy

We focus on supporting projects in the field of art, higher education, secondary education and education and development in the field of digital technologies.

A foundation is typically a grant-making organization. Support is granted through open grant programs: Art, Education and Digital. In addition, we support some selected partner organizations and invite
exceptional personalities, such as Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, to Slovakia.

Our open grant programs are typical for:

We have open and publicly known dates for the announcement, closing and evaluation of grant programs.
We are open to anyone who meets the conditions of a specific grant program.

What decides is always and only quality:

  • project quality,
  • the quality of the applicant (e.g. merit in the case of students),
  • quality of evaluators (experts in the given field),
  • the same terms for everyone.

We inform those who passed and those who failed.

Who do we support?

We support natural persons with so-called social status, as required by law. They are mainly students of universities, colleges and non-business legal entities - institutions established by state or local government bodies and all legal forms of non-governmental non-profit organizations.

Every decision on financial support is approved by the Board of Directors. The chairman of the Board of Directors is the CEO and chairman of the board of Tatra banka Michal Liday, its other members are Milada Halová - director of the brand management department and Martin Kubík - member of the board of directors of Tatra banka. Find more information at www.nadaciatatrabanky.sk.

Need advice?

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