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Tatra banka

1.5.2017 02:27

Press releases


At the beginning of the year, Tatra banka became the general partner of the Slovak National Gallery, reinforcing its position as a long-term patron of the arts. We are pleased that our support facilitates the creation of valuable projects such as the newly-opened Nech šije! exhibition. Entry to exhibitions in Bratislava is free for all visitors.


6,505 pupils from 260 schools around Slovakia have spent a month in the Little Finance Academy. In the Academy they have learnt to responsibly manage their money.


The Tatra banka Group ended 2016 with a consolidated profit of EUR 126 million. Loans to customers grew by 5 per cent, and there was a decreasing percentage of non-performing loans. Deposits from customers also grew by almost 3 per cent.


Mortgage loans have the lowest interest rates ever. Is there any opportunity at all to still save somewhere? If you compare interest rates and monthly loan installments, do not forget to also add to the expense the costs related to a mortgage loan. For example the current account fee.


The Little Finance Academy – a project that not only teaches pupils financial literacy and teamwork, but also develops creativity and imagination.


LTV, indicator of the consumer’s ability to repay, substantial increase in total loan, APR, loan-to-value... It is natural for you to get lost in these terms. The new Decree tightening mortgage terms is full of complicated names and formulations. We will explain what they mean.


Valentine's Day, the celebration of love, one of popular days to get engaged . A number of partners these days rack their brains with the selection of an engagement ring. But can an engagement ring retain or increase its value? Let’s have a look if an engagement ring is a suitable investment.


Tatra banka is the first bank in Slovakia to launch a demo internet banking app for the Microsoft HoloLens headset and the new version of the Tatra banka app for Windows 10.


At the beginning of the year, Tatra banka became the general partner of the Slovak National Gallery.