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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:13


We verify you only by your voice when you call DIALOG Live
thanks to a unique Voice biometricsTB service.

Dial a single number from your mobile telephone.





Call DIALOG Live and use all the benefits it offers:

  • comfortable access to services without the need to visit a branch office
  • personal consultation for all products
  • nonstop service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • all documents are delivered to Internet bankingTB or directly to your home via courier
  • verification by voice via Voice biometricsTB

Call us and have everything done comfortably via DIALOG Live from your mobile telephone by dialling the shortened number dialog_live_kontakt_1100.png or  dialog_live_kontakt_taba.png.

Call 0800 00 1100 from a land line. If you call from abroad, dial +421 2 5919 1000.

Voice biometrics

Voice biometrics

We know you by voice

Innovated DIALOG Live with Voice biometricsTB

From now on we will simply verify you only on basis of your voice when you call to the innovated DIALOG thanks to a unique service Voice biometricsTB. You will no longer need Card and ReaderTB to log in.
Activate Voice biometricsTB and make use of DIALOG Live benefits:

Voice biometricsTB is a numeric expression of voice sound, pace and sample. We are able to identify equivalence and hence verify your identify by comparing the recorded voice sample with the real voice.

Here are the advantages of Voice biometricsTB with calling DIALOG Live:

  • It allows you direct access to your finances via telephone,
  • You will not need any passwords, Internet access and Card and ReaderTB,
  • We just need your voice and PID for verification,
  • You will get a higher comfort and equal safety than with using Card and ReaderTB.

Call us and record your voice sample

At the beginning of the telephone call we verify your identity by means of the Card and ReaderTB. Afterwards we make a short informal conversation with you and record your voice sample in course of the conversation. From now on you will have everything done comfortably via DIALOG Live.
Call us on 02 / 5919 1000

With its new benefits the innovated DIALOG Live brings you a possibility of buying the products and services specified below even without visiting a branch, i.e. directly via telephone.


Consumer LoanTB Classic

Afford a new car,
vacation or just
what you need
at the moment.

Find out more

Consumer LoanTB Garant

Brings a possibility
of drawing a loan
and capitalise money
at the same time.

Find out more

Credit cards

Do not think about
cash any longer.
Life is simpler
when you pay by
a payment card.

Find out more


The future starts
right now with
regular saving
without entry

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Term deposits

with security.

  Find out more

Supplementary pension

Keep your
of living and
of life even
as a pensioner.

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