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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:15

Savings systems

Savings system brings new approach to saving. It allows you to save
money, easily adjust the savings system and
have your money available at all times.

  • a combination of three types of saving
  • bonus interest
  • saving by card


  • new approach to saving
  • three different types of saving
    • saving by card
    • regular transfer
    • one-off transfer
  • you can tailor saving by card to suit your needs. Select:
    • the maximum and minimum amount that can be transferred to your Savings System.
    • the account balance threshold for saving; when you reach that threshold you do not save any more.
    • parameters for each individual card if more than one payment card have been issued with your account.
Types of saving

Types of saving

The savings system enables you to set aside money in a way that is most suitable for you: for each payment by card, by regular or one-off transfers.

  1. Card payments
    We will transfer the percentage specified by you for each amount paid in a shop using your debit card to your Savings System.
    Saving system - Card payments
    Card payments benefits:
    • You can use your debit card for payments anywhere and for anything with store operators or via Internet.
    • the fee for Service package: Tatra Personal includes unlimited number of payments by card, therefore no additional charges are paid
    • Moreover, if you make at least 10 payments with your payment card that will be cleared in the respective period, you can reduce the fee for Service package: Tatra Personal by as much as 50%.
  2. Saving by card - illustration:

    You have set 5 % of each payment by card with at a store.

    You pay 20 EUR for the purchase with your payment card.

    The payment is transferred from your current account to the store operator and after clearing the amount of 1 EUR will be transferred automatically to your Savings system.

  3. Regular transfer
    For regular and comfortable saving, set up a standing order.
    Saving system - Regular transfer
  4. One-off transfer
    You may contribute any amount of cash to your Savings System with a one-off payment.
    Saving system - One-off transfer


Get a bonus interest of 50 times the basic interest simply. All you need to do is:

  • Deposit at least EUR 15 each month in the Saving System and
  • Make no payment order from the Saving System in or during the respective month.

The interest in the Savings System is credited on a monthly basis.



This contents is not available for the current interface.
Login to your Internet banking. Savings system is located directly under your current account. You can activate saving by card in your Savings system by clicking on the toothed wheel and selecting one of the offered options shown under "Activate saving by card" By clicking on Activate saving by card you will be directed to settings. In the window you can select your settings for saving by card to your account according to your needs. You can change the settings anytime. Confirm your settings and saving by card is activated immediately.

The savings system is automatically available with each Service package: Tatra PersonalTB.
You can set the saving scheme through Internet bankingTB by clicking on the account title or the icon below the account balance.
We are happy to help you with the setting in the DIALOG Centre.