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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 11:27

Tatra PersonalTB Young

Make use of the service package for a beneficial charge for two years.

  • for university graduates from 24 up to 28 years of age
  • contactless payments
  • free of charge with the Reward programmeTB


Open the service package which offers unlimited:

  • received payments
  • card payments in shops both home and abroad
  • cash withdrawals from Tatra banka ATMs
  • use of Tatra banka mobile applications
  • Internet bankingTB payments
  • received text messages confirming your account transactions
  • standing orders and collections
  • e-mail statements
Package price

Package price

Our tip:

Do not leave card payments to the last moment.
As the shopkeeper has several days to send the documents, clearance may be postponed to the following month.

If you want to reduce your package fee, also use your card for the smallest purchases.

Make use of the service package for EUR 0! You only need to:

  • have an average daily balance of your deposits and investments in Tatra banka and its subsidiaries for the previous month at least of EUR 10,000 or
  • use at least two of the following benefits

Make use of your service package for EUR 1.25! Simply use one of the following benefits:

  • ou make at least 10 payments with the payment card with these payments cleared in the same month, or
  • you have opened at least two loan products with Tatra banka, or
  • you have the authority of "owner" of the Service Package: Tatra BusinessTB

The monthly charge for the service package is EUR 2.50 if the benefits of the Reward programmeTB are not used.

Card for an account

Card for an account

Instant Card Issuance

Open a service package Tatra PersonalTB and get your card instantly!

Only Tatra banka will give you a fully functioning payment card with PIN and accessible Internet bankingTB right on the first visit. So you can use your account immediately.

Visa Electron debit payment card with an original design of Hviezdoslav is issued automatically for each service package. The maximum daily limit for cash withdrawals and payments ranges from EUR 50 up to EUR 3,000.
You can also apply for issue of a MasterCard with a daily limit ranging from EUR 300 up to EUR 2,000.



Pay for your purchases within 5 seconds

With a Tatra banka debit card you can pay 7-times faster than with a standard card. With payments up to EUR 20 simply hold the payment card close to the shop terminal. The payment is made immediately without entering the PIN code.

You can have your statement sent to your e-mail

An e-mail statement is a free, fast, up-to-date, and safe way to have your account statements delivered directly to your e-mail account. Set unlimited frequency for statement sending. Electronic form is both practical for storage purposes, and environmentally friendly.

Keep abreast of your account movements

Order b-mail and have your finances constantly under control. Notification SMSs will regularly inform you of your account balance and selected movements.

Make sure you have your savings available at all times. Save money on your Savings System and get bonus interest.

The Savings System enables you to set aside money in a way that is most suitable for you: for each payment by card, by regular or one-off transfers.

Always have a reserve at hand

Have your income transferred to the account and get an Optional Overdraft after 6 months.
The Optional Overdraft is designed for clients over 18 years of age.

Keep count of your spending

Spending reportTB will arrange your monthly spending into clear categories. You will get a better idea of your finances.




You can use the service package Tatra PersonalTB for graduates for two years if you finished your university studies. You are entitled to it if you are between 24 and 28 years old.

Sign up for the package at every Tatra banka branch after submitting your Identity Card and proof
of the completed university study (diploma or Identity Card with the obtained title).