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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:23

Visa standard private

Credit card with a limited edition design
devoted to writer Rudolf Sloboda now
brings summer bonus up to 30 EUR.

Limited edition

Limited edition

Rudolf Sloboda is a renowned Slovak writer, author of novels, books of short stories, books for children and several movie screenplays. He was awarded for his lifetime achievement as one of the first winners of the Tatra banka Foundation Award in 1996 and Pribina Cross I. Class in memoriam by Slovak president Andrej Kiska in 2018.

We are proud that Tatra banka brings you a limited edition of the credit card devoted to this significant writer this year when Rudolf Sloboda would be 80 years old.

Moreover, you can get a summer bonus of EUR 30 to the new credit card now. Just make transactions amounting to EUR 300 until 31 August 2018 with your card*.

* The volume of payments in the amount of EUR 300 can be achieved by making a single payment or cumulatively while the credit of EUR 30 will be credited to the account maintained with your card after the end of the campaign on 31 August 2018. The offer relates to payments cleared until 31 August 2018.

My benefit

My benefit

My Benefit is a programme which helps you get attractive discounts with selected vendors:

  • The offer of discounts is available in your MobilePayTB application in card detail, section My Benefit
  • To get a discount, just click on the offer and activate it
  • After you activate the offer,  just pay the whole sum by using your credit card with the selected vendor (applies to payment by both MobilePayTB application and plastic card)
  • Overview of all savings is available in MobilePayTB application
  • You get savings with your main and additional cards for payments with vendors you select

The overall sum you save will be credited until the 15th day of the following month to your credit card account.

Frequently asked questions:

Activation of My Benefit programme only requires granting your consent when it is first launched. We will ask for this consent when you open My Benefit for the first time in your credit card detail in MobilePayTB application.

Getting a discount requires activation of the offers you want to use:

  • enter the credit card detail by clicking on its picture
  • select My Benefit functionality
  • list of all offers available will be loaded
  • activate the offers you intend to use by simply clicking on the button “Activate”

Then just pay for what you buy with your credit card. You need no vouchers, coupons or loyalty cards.
You can check how much you saved up for your shopping in section My Savings in My Benefits.

No charges are applied. It is sufficient to have a credit card from Tatra banka and activate the discounts you want to use, in My Benefit in MobilePayTB application.

You can activate the discount also immediately before shopping, for instance when you are waiting in a queue for paying.

You do not need to identify yourself with a card, vouchers or discount coupons to get a discount. It is enough if you pay with your credit card.

The savings will be credited to the card account whereto the credit card has been issued. Credit for all savings obtained during one month will be credited to the card account by the 15th day of the following calendar month.

No limit has been set for the amount of the paid savings.

Several days might pass since your purchase until payment processing therefore you will not see the obtained saving earlier than after several days. Credits for all savings obtained in one month will be credited to the card account whereto the card has been issued, until the 15th day of the following calendar month.

In case you have met all the conditions and your savings were not credited to the card account in spite of this fact, contact us by means of our DIALOG Live contact centre.

In case you have returned the goods you used the discount for in terms of My Benefit, this discount will be withdrawn. This means that we will reduce the amount of credited savings in the following month. If the amount of new savings is lower than the amount of savings belonging to the returned goods, you will see negative value in My Savings.

You activate the offer only once and you can use it repeatedly as many times as you want until its validity expires (unless otherwise specified in the particular offer).



Limited credit card edition will reward you

If you make payments totalling EUR 300 with your new credit card until 31 August 2018, you will get a bonus of up to EUR 30.


  • Payments amounting to EUR 300 can be made both as one-time payments or cumulatively 
  • The sum of EUR 300 include transactions executed by both main and additional cards
  • Payments must be cleared until 31 August 2018
  • The sum of EUR 300 does not include credit card payment orders and ATM cash withdrawals
  • Credit of EUR 30 will be credited to the card account after the campaign ends, i.e. after 31 August 2018

Birthday Cashback will refund you as a gift 5% from all payments made on your birthday.

Limit Alert allows you to set your own limit of monthly drawdown of funds on your credit card. After you reach this limit, we will notify you via b-mail.

Reward programmeTB

  • Use our Reward programmeTB and get credit card free of charge:
  • Make payments amounting to EUR 150 and get a 50% discount on the card charge (volume of EUR 150 does not include credit card payment orders and ATM cash withdrawals)
  • Make payments amounting to EUR 300 and get a 100% discount on card charge (volume of EUR 300 does not include credit card payment orders and ATM cash withdrawals)

Comfortable loan

  • grace period 47 days
  • flexible repayment - decide how much of the owed amount you repay and when
  • certainty of timely payment thanks to direct debit
  • time saving - do not waste time with loan approval; with the credit card the money is immediately at your disposal

Financial reserve

  • help when needed - car or electrical appliance failure, other unexpected expenses
  • control over your finances - monitor your spending with SMS, e-mail, Internet bankingTB
    or Tatra banka application
  • money secured by PIN Code, no need to carry cash

Assistance on travels

  • the option to book flight tickets, hotel rooms or car rentals
  • great opportunity to purchase travel insurance, that will cover costs in the event of an accident, lost luggage or delayed flight
  • money available in any country without currency exchange charges


  • Fast way of delivery of statements to e-mail
  • Have your statements sent for free in PDF format for printing or archiving

Flexibility of Repayment

It is you who decide how much to pay back from the lent sum. Each month you can repay any sum exceeding the minimum payment, and that up to the amount of the outstanding sum.

The outstanding sum of the Visa standard private credit card is paid to the account number 2004005246 maintained with Tatra banka by:

  • an automatic payment from an account maintained with Tatra banka or Raiffeisen banka
  • a collection from an account maintained in EUR with other bank in the SR
  • a payment order from a current account with any bank in the SR
  • a cash deposit at any Tatra banka branch

If you are a Tatra banka client, it is possible to make the payment also:

  • via telephone - non-stop by means of our DIALOG Live contact centre
  • electronically - via Internet bankingTB  or Tatra banka application

Specify the variable symbol with the payment, which consists of 10 last numbers of the latest main card which was issued to you.



Visa standard private 

  • Card type: credit 
  • Additional / next card charge : EUR 0,50  
  • Card charge: 2,50 EUR / 1,25 EUR / 0 EUR per month (after performance of Reward programme conditions) 
  • Contactless payment : Yes 
  • Interest - free period : Yes / 47 days maximum  
  • Interest rate: 18,80 % per annum 
  • Internet payment: Yes 
  • Issued: No need of current account maintenance 
  • Maximum cash withdrawal limit : EUR 1 000 / day 
  • Maximum daily limit : Up to available TLF  
  • Minimum payment : 5 % of the sum due, EUR 15 minimum  
  • Reward programme : Yes / EUR 150 - 50% discount / EUR 300 - 100% discount  
  • Total Loan Facility (TLF): From EUR 650 to EUR 5 000 
  • Travel insurance: EUR 30 per year
    Complex travel insurance for card holder and co-travelling family members * 
Visa standard private

* husband/wife, partner of card holder up to 65 years of age and children of card holder up to 18 years of age if travelling with card holder



Conditions for obtaining a credit card:

  • permanent residence in the Slovak Republic
  • aged 18 on the application filing date
  • employee - proof of solvency and continued employment for 3 months, confirmed by employer
  • natural person - entrepreneur - proof of trade license for business activities in the Slovak Republic for at least 2 years, and proof of solvency with confirmation of income from business activities for the previous year, confirmed by the relevant institutions

Conditions for the issuance of an additional private credit card:

  • consent of the total credit line holder who will determine the amount of credit line for the additional card
  • the minimum age of the future additional card holder - 15 years

Having an account at Tatra banka is not a requisite for the card issuance.