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Tatra banka

20.8.2017 06:16

Payment card security

Using modern technologies we make maximum effort to ensure the protection of your money. In order to increase the security of access to money with payment cards, we have introduced several measures for cards, ATMs, and login to Internet bankingTB

1. Chip & PIN technology

Chip & PIN represents a more secure form of payment and has been designed to protect both card holders and the parties in money transfers. The basic difference is the so-called smart chip (intelligent chip) that offers more sophisticated information storage compared to a magnetic stripe.

2. Transaction monitoring

We constantly monitor your card transactions and thus protect you. As part of our initiative, a banking professional may contact you to verify a card payment with the aim of protecting your money.

3. More secure ATMs

Mechanical barriers make Tatra banka ATMs more secure. Controlled card entry and exit is also a novelty; it prevents the reading of the data from the payment card's magnetic strip by an unauthorised device.

4. Card and ReaderTB
Card and readerTB is a unique tool designed to make the login to Internet bankingTB and online payments confirmation more secure. It comprises an ordinary payment card with a chip and chip payment card reader.

If you need a smaller reader, you can apply for a mini reader. Its use in Internet bankingTB is identical to a standard reader. The mini reader costs EUR 6.64.

5. Transaction overview

The card holder can constantly review payment card transactions with:

  • Internet bankingTB- an overview of transactions and the current available balance on the account
  • b-mail - information about every transaction via SMS sent to your mobile phone or an e-mail sent to your e-mail address
  • DIALOG contact centre - 24-hour information and proactive service