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20.4.2018 18:28

Supplementary pension saving

Keep your standard of living and quality of life even as pensioners.
Depend on yourself and ensure high standard for your retirement.

  • independent income in retirement
  • sufficient funds to enjoy your leisure time
  • sufficient funds for high-quality health care


  • independence from obligatory state system (1st pillar)
  • possibility to receive contributions from your employer
  • possibility to deduct paid contributions from the tax base up to EUR 180
  • saved money is your private property with the option of heritability
  • possibility to divide the assets and also save to several funds
  • regular saving and long-term time horizon
  • possibility to select the suitable investment strategy
  • direct availability of information about the current status of saving via Internet bankingTB
Start today

Start today

Your future pension depends on todays decision!

Imagine your future...Would you be able to live on 46 % of average salary? That is the actual share of an average pension to average salary in Slovak republic.

Once you learn to save regularly part of your today´s salary for your retirement, when you retire, you will not have to learn how to live with only a half of your income!

Saving for retirement by means of supplementary pension system is a form of saving supported by state with an option to receive contribution from the employer and to deduct the paid contributions from the tax base up to the amount of EUR 180.



Supplementary pension insurance represents a long-term and regular saving scheme composed of two stages:

  • saving - accumulation of contributions by the scheme participant and their employer,
  • benefit drawing - regular income upon retirement.

Due to a long-term and regular character of supplementary pension saving program it is possible to compensate more than 50% shortfall in your income during a retirement also with a small amount of your money. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant retirement, it is necessary to think about it and start to save for your retirement right now.

Start now and take an advantage of starting early - accumulate more. „The sooner, the better". In addition, due to supplementary pension saving you can exclusively benefit from your employer contributions as well.

Example of how time affects savings:

The influence of time on the savings in the DDS

Picture illustrates the importance of time and employer´s contributions during a regular saving.

Both saving scenarios assume:

  • employee's monthly contribution 25 EUR, employer's monthly contribution 25 EUR
  • expected capitalisation is 3.5 % per year (an illustration assumption which does not serve as a reliable revenue trend in the future)


Visit any of our branches and agree on the terms and conditions for saving in Supplementary Pension Saving.

How to start saving for retirement

You can choose from four contribution funds to suit your vision and individual needs.

  • Konzervatívny príspevkový d. d. f. (Conservative Contributory s. p. f.)
  • Zaistený príspevkový d. d. f. 2017 (Guaranteed Contributory s. p. f. 2017)
  • Rastový príspevkový d. d. f. (Growth Contributory s. p. f.)
  • Vyvážený príspevkový d. d. f. (Balanced Contributory s. p. f.)

For more information visit

My personal account

My personal account

Check your supplementary pension saving in your Internet bankingTB.

Internet banking

If you haven´t started to save for your pension, read, how to join to the supplementary pension saving.

How to start to save for your retirement

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