Multi bankingTB

From now on you can have all your accounts with different banks in one place. Tatra banka Internet banking.

Account information

Account information

Balance information

Balance information

Transactions overview

Transactions overview

Entering payment orders

Entering payment orders

Advantages of use

Simple, fast, clear

Do you have accounts with several banks?
With Multi bankingTB you can manage them in one place and you don’t need to log in to the different banks’ internet banking sites. In Internet bankingTB we show you basic information about your accounts and balances including an overview of transactions on individual accounts. Multi bankingTB is a service provided as part of the Internet bankingTB application. There are no further fees.

To use the Multi bankingTB service you don’t need to visit a branch of Tatra banka. Add the account to Multi bankingTB easily and quickly using Internet bankingTB.

A new service in Internet bankingTB – Multi bankingTB

  • Administering accounts from different banks in Internet bankingTB
  • Overview of all your accounts in one place
  • See balances and transactions on all your accounts under one login

Try the pilot scheme now with an account at Raiffeisen and Slovenská sporiteľňa. We will gradually add other banks.

You can add Multi bankingTB through Internet bankingTB using the tab Other banks' accounts. You can find a simple guide to adding an account here:


Account balance and overview of transactions

You can display account balances and transaction histories for accounts with other banks using the tab Other banks' accounts. You no longer need to log in to e-banking for each bank separately.

Making a payment

You can use Multi bankingTB to make a payment from an account held at another bank. We are preparing this functionality for you.


Multi bankingTB is a service provided as part of the Internet bankingTB application into which you can log in using your identifying data and authentication tools.

For each account you want to have displayed in Internet bankingTB, you need to agree through the internet banking software of the other bank. This agreement is time-limited and valid for a maximum of 90 days.

List of banks

Multi bankingTB currently enables access to accounts held at Raiffeisen and Slovenská sporiteľňa. Over time there will be more banks.

Frequently asked questions

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