Savings System

Get a variable savings system and unlimited access to your saved funds. The Savings System from Tatra banka replaces a standard savings account, offering you a new, more practical approach to saving.

Option to save in a current account with bonus interest

 You can keep track of your money 

A combination of three saving methods with bonus interest

Your money is constantly available

Saving in a savings account with card payments

You can also save with your card

Savings System with a one-time or regular transfers

You always have a financial reserve at hand


The Savings System is a practical and free part of your account offering you a number of useful benefits:

  • A new variable savings approach according to your preferences. You decide for yourself on the setting for your savings.
  • A combination of three saving methods:
    1. with each card payment,
    2. regular transfers as a standing order,
    3. a one-time transfer.
  • Financial reserve available to you as needed.

Current interest rates for the Savings System are available here.

Saving with each card payment

Savings methods

The Savings System helps you to set aside money in a way that suits you best. There are several options you can choose from. 

1. Saving with every card payment

We will transfer the percentage specified by you for each amount paid in a store using your debit card to your Savings System. 

 Savings System to a current account with card payments

Benefits of saving by card: 

  • you save practically with every payment by your debit card
  • You decide yourself what percentage of the payment or what minimum or maximum amount from the payment is to be credited to your Savings System
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2. Saving by regular transfers

Regular saving in an account by a standing order

Save regularly and comfortably with a standing order.

The amount chosen by you will be converted monthly to the savings system.

You can cancel a standing order anytime free of charge in Internet BankingTB or with the Tatra banka mobile app. The order can also be canceled at a branch or via the DIALOG Live contact center.

3. Saving by a one-time transfer

Saving to an account with a one-time transfer

You may also contribute any amount of money into your Savings System via a one-time transfer.


You automatically get the Savings System along with an account with the Tatra PersonalTB service package. You can set the chosen savings method directly in Internet BankingTB.

If necessary, we will be pleased to help you to set it up via the DIALOG Live contact center.


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