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Savings, investments and insurance

Invest your money into savings products. Choose one of the solutions that offer regular valorization of your savings with low deposit requirements.


Put your money into the saving products. They offer the opportunity to regularly capitalize savings with low deposit claims. You will find products that are characterized by high stability or more dynamic with higher yield potential.


Make an interesting valuation of your savings. Our services are designed for both beginner and experienced investors. We offer safe products with fixed revenue and protection against inflation, as well as dynamic products offering greater potential.


Solve your pension complexly. Participation in II. pillar (SDS) and saving in III. pillar (DDS) will help ensure that your total income is higher than if you were receiving a pension from the state's first pillar.


Take advantage of protecting you and your family from unfavorable life events. Life insuranceTB will provide you and family in the event of a long-term loss of income, whilst offering a guarantee of the amount paid at the end of the insurance.

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