Special product offer

Mutual FundsTB* and Term deposit i:deposit with better interest rate.

The road to revenue

The road to revenue

Professional care for your savings

Professional care for your savings

Time saving

Time saving

Term deposit i:deposit protected by the Deposit Protection Act

Term deposit i:deposit protected by the Deposit Protection Act


We bring you the possibility of a preferential interest rate on funds.

If you invest in one of the Mutual FundsTB* and at the same time set up a new 12-month term deposit i:deposit, in Internet bankingTB in the term accounts tab, you can get 2 % higher interest on the term deposit i:deposit compared to the standard interest rate.

All you have to do is deposit at least 1,000 EUR in a term deposit i:deposit and invest triple the amount in one of the Mutual FundsTB*.

Special product offer

Conditions for obtaining preferential interest rate +2 % p. a.

Via Internet bankingTB:

  • Open a new term deposit i:deposit with a maturity of 12 months. You can find it in your Internet bankingTB in the tab Term accounts, button "new i:deposit".
  • Then make a one-time investment in Internet bankingTB in one of Mutual FundsTB* according to your investment preferences.
  • The minimum amount is 4 000 EUR, between i:deposit and one of the Mutual FundsTB* must be divided in a ratio of 1: 3 (ie at least 1 000 EUR deposit for a term deposit i:deposit and at least 3 000 EUR one-time investment in one of the Mutual FundsTB*).
  • The amount invested in one of the Mutual FundsTB* must always be at least three times the deposit on the term deposit i:deposit.
  • The validity of the offer is in the period from 1. 6. 2020 to 31. 7. 2020.
  • The preferential interest rate will be granted after the conditions have been met and after the offer expires (after 31. 7. 2020). Clients will be informed about the granting of the bonus interest rate by a statement sent by post, and the rate will also be visible in Internet bankingTB.

Calculator for optimal distribution of funds within the Special product offer

Calculate how to distribute money within the Special product offer. Fill in the "Total amount" field.

Total amount


The amount to be invested in one of the Mutual FundsTB


The amount that needs to be deposited on the Term depositTB or i:deposit

Mutual FundsTB

The right move for your money.

The road to revenue

Higher returns are achieved in the financial markets than in ordinary deposit products. Mutual funds are the easiest and most popular way to get there.

Professional care for your savings

Millions of people around the world use mutual funds to make their savings more thanks to professionals who constantly take care of them.

Save your time

Don't have time to worry about your money? Thanks to mutual funds, you can pursue your hobbies, family, yourself and we will take care of others.


Valuing funds with confidence.

  • Guaranteed interest rate during the commitment period
  • Pursuant to the law, the funds are protected by the Deposit Protection Fund
  • No fee for setting up and maintaining the deposit
  • Ability to define managers who will have access to your deposit

Recommendations when opening i:deposit in order to obtain a preferential interest rate:

  • Choice of your own current account of a natural person to which you have ownership rights. In order for the preferential interest rate to be granted correctly, the current account holder must match the owner of the Mutual FundsTB when opening the i:deposit.
  • Set the method of sending the statement to "do not print". After fulfilling the conditions and granting a preferential interest rate, the statement will be delivered to you by post.
You can also use the above-mentioned discounted product offer through Tatra banka branches or by telephone via DIALOG Live in combination with one of the Mutual FundsTB* and a 12-month Term deposit.

*in terms of the current offer of mutual funds according to the client's segment classification, except for bond funds

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