Tatra banka’s clients can file an application for a loan with a state guarantee under a large guarantee scheme from Friday

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Tatra banka’s clients can file an application for a loan with a state guarantee under a large guarantee scheme from Friday

Even in these times, Tatra banka’s corporate clients can rely on their bank, which is prepared in cooperation with the state (Ministry of Finance of the SR), Slovak Investment Holding and Eximbanka to provide preferential state-guaranteed loans. From Friday, May 15, Tatra banka will start to accept applications for this type of loans from its clients.

Under the act passed by the National Council of the Slovak Republic on Wednesday, May 13 2020, the assistance to support the financing of businesses and eliminate the effects of COVID-19 on the economy under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is becoming reality. In light of this fact, Tatra banka’s clients have the opportunity to file an application for financing with this form of support.

Before being fully implemented, the state-guaranteed loan support passed by the parliament requires some actions related to drawing of funds from the large guarantee scheme. However, applications for financing from this line can already be filed.

Instalment loans with a state guarantee are designed for all entrepreneurs regardless of the size of their business, for self-employed, entrepreneurs with flat-rate expenditure or tax records. The requirement for drawing financing with a state guarantee is documenting the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the business. The product is designed for clients who have experienced significant or complete loss of sales. An application for operational financing due to being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can be submitted at any branch of the bank or via the DIALOG Live call center at *1100. Corporate clients in the care of corporate centers or the Large Corporate Clients Division can address this requirement to their relationship manager.  In the large guarantee scheme under which loans with state guarantees will be provided, the largest amount of funds from among the other available guarantee programs will be allocated.


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